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Resident Tech Use at Springmoor Continues to Surge Ahead

Springmoor residents use a wide variety of devices, including laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and desktop computers. They send emails and texts, use social media, surf the web, stream their favorite content, take online courses, track their personal finances, Zoom with family and friends, and much more!

Springmoor is lucky to have a full-time IT Director, Daniel Sekeras, to support tech use at our community. This is just one of many specialty positions that we’re proud to be ahead of the curve in creating and filling.

Daniel is responsible for hardware, software, and network setup and maintenance for all Springmoor employees. Several members of our resident-led Technology and Media Committee generously volunteer to help fellow residents with common tech issues that arise. If a problem exceeds their expertise, they can provide a list of outside service providers for consideration.

One of the recent accomplishments Daniel is most proud of is upgrading our resident portal in January of 2022. More than 60% of the community uses the new Touchtown portal, and it has become an integral part of life at Springmoor.

“New technology can be intimidating at first, but the user-friendly portal eases all types of users into its interface,” Daniel says. “Staff and residents alike say they can easily locate the information they need.” 


Messages (real-time updates from staff to residents)
Events (register for events, check attendee lists, and cancel registrations)
Dining Service Daily Menus
Dining Venues & Printable Menus
Documents (memos, handbooks, directories, and more)
Resident Directory
Staff Directory
New Residents
In Memoriam
Maintenance Work Requests (Residents can submit and keep track of their requests.)
Newsletters (The Resident Memorandum & The Springmoor Herald)
Videos (Resident Association Meetings, Fitness Programs, & Vespers)
Housekeeping Requests
Plan for Absence
Transportation Request Forms
Health & Fitness (sign-ups and news)
Stewart Health Center Renovation Updates

Some residents choose to download the app version of the portal on their Android or Apple smart device. Regardless of the type of device they use, each resident has their own login information. Only members of the community with login credentials can access the portal.

Each resident has the option of completing their personal profile on the portal. These profiles are viewable by all other residents, and they’re a great way for members of the community to learn more about their neighbors and connect with those who enjoy similar events and activities.

Residents access their profiles by logging into the portal, clicking on the “Account” icon at the top right of the screen, and selecting “My Profile.” Each resident has the option of uploading a profile photo.

Daniel explains that residents can upload their profile photo directly from their phone or computer by clicking on the camera icon next to where their photo will be inserted in their profile. They then browse on their device to the photo they would like to use. “There are requirements such as photo size, and the app will notify you if your photo cannot be uploaded,” Daniel says.


Email Address
Preferred First Name
Phone Numbers (can have multiple and a default)
Move-In Date (usually filled in by the Sales & Marketing Department when a new resident moves in)
Technology Preference and Use
More About Me

The fields for the profile are open text fields, and Daniel encourages residents to add any information they’d like to share with other members of the community. “This information is also searchable,” he says. “Including keywords like ‘bridge’ or ‘Methodist’ will help others with similar interests find you. Again, each resident’s information is private to our portal and is not shared on the web.”

The Springmoor Residents Association boasts almost 20 resident-led committees, one of which is the Technology and Media Committee. Members of the committee provide resources, assistance, and opportunities for further education about technology to their fellow residents.

In the past, the members of the Computer Club (the predecessor to the Tech and Media Committee) provided occasional in-house trainings on applications like Word and Excel. Other training topics included cybersecurity, basic computer functions, and using e-readers like Nook and Kindle.

Because technology evolves so rapidly, continuing education of some sort is a must. The current Tech and Media committee, Associate Director Brad Dilday, and Daniel recently initiated a partnership with an all-volunteer organization called Senior TechEd.

  • iPhone and iPad basics.
  • Genealogy applications such as
  • Using Zoom and Gmail.
  • Sending free online cards.
  • Managing your passwords.
  • Keeping records.
  • Using TV streaming.

In early November 2023, Senior TechEd hosted a class on password management in our auditorium. This event was advertised in the monthly Pathways calendar of activities and happenings from Residence Life, via our Touchtown Portal, and on our in-house TV channel (1341). Residents are invited to suggest which course topics should be presented in the future.

Plan your visit to Springmoor today!

Like many CCRCs (Continuing Care Retirement Communities), Springmoor is an entrance-fee community. Paying this one-time fee gives you access to all of our services, facilities, and amenities like our portal, in-house TV stations, and business center, as well as a full continuum of healthcare (and much more!). We offer guaranteed residency for life. Your monthly service package gives you maintenance-free living and predictability in your ongoing expenses.

Contact us today at 919-848-7080 to find out more about the wide range of exceptional activities we offer every day so that residents can live their best lives. Our friendly team is happy to answer questions about Springmoor’s amenities and what’s included in your monthly service package. You can also order a free information packet. We look forward to meeting you soon!



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