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Marjorie O’Rorke: A Dedicated Volunteer and Champion of Mental Health

Selfless, humble, tenacious, intelligent, empathetic and visionary are just a few adjectives that describe Marjorie O’Rorke—a lifetime community volunteer, Springmoor resident and recent inductee into the Raleigh Hall of Fame.

Marjorie O'Rorke was recently inducted into the Raleigh Hall of Fame for her work as a volunteer in the Raleigh area and for her work to help those needing mental health assistance.
Marjorie O'Rorke was recently inducted into the Raleigh Hall of Fame for her work as a volunteer in the Raleigh area and for her work to help those needing mental health assistance.
Marjorie, pictured seated in the center in red, was recently inducted into the Raleigh Hall of Fame.

The Raleigh Hall of Fame recognizes individuals, including activists and volunteers, and non-profit organizations that have made significant and lasting contributions to the City of Raleigh. For 56 years, Marjorie has devoted endless hours to the Dorothea Dix Hospital and the Dix Park Conservancy; however, the news of her induction into the 2019 Raleigh Hall of Fame surprised her. “I didn’t think I had done anything great,” Marjorie said.

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Why the Holiday Season Is a Great Time to Plan a Move to Independent Living in Raleigh, NC

The holiday season is just around the corner, and with it comes the opportunity for quality time with your family and loved ones. Parents see their children while grandparents see their grandchildren – different generations and sides of the family intermingle to catch up and enjoy quality time together. And while these gatherings are great for reminiscing with loved ones, they are also an opportunity to look to the future. If you’re interested in independent living in Raleigh, NC, there is no better time than the holidays to discuss the move with your family.

Family discussing moving to independent living in Raleigh NC
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So, How Is the Food, Really?

Residents Share How It Is at One of the Top Retirement Communities in North Carolina

Dining at top retirement communities North Carolina has to offer

One of the most exciting aspects of moving to one of the retirement communities in North Carolina, such as Springmoor, is being freed from the hassles of cooking, cleaning and meal prepping. Whether you’re a total foodie or just appreciate the comfort of a homestyle meal, dining at a community like Springmoor caters to just what you like: a range of cuisine for every taste, prepared by culinary experts who use the freshest and most flavorful ingredients. The goal for every meal—every day—is to provide a delicious, nutritious and delightful experience.

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Springmoor Presents: An Array of Alluring Acts to Amplify Your NC Retirement

Springmoor residents enjoying their NC retirement

When you think about what your NC retirement could be like, you may not expect opportunities to enjoy regular performances from locally, regionally and even internationally known performers, speakers and acts. But if you choose Springmoor, those kinds of performances will be a regular occurrence – right on campus!

Springmoor hosts regular special events as part of its “Springmoor Presents” series as a major way to amplify and elevate expectations for what an NC retirement can be. While most of the performances are by musicians, many of the events also feature expert lecturers, theater actors and other styles of entertainment. Here are a few examples of performances that have graced the Springmoor Presents stage.

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