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Annual Employee Anniversary Celebration Recognizes the Incredible Dedication of Springmoor Team Members

On February 23, 2024, Springmoor honored 83 staff members during our Annual Employee Anniversary Celebration. Each year at this awards ceremony, we recognize Springmoor employees celebrating work anniversaries of 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 35 years of service. This is always one of my favorite days of the year, as the employees who give so much every day are honored in the presence of their fellow team members.

We announce the Employees of the Year for Independent Living and the Stewart Health Center at this event in addition to commemorating employee anniversaries. This year, the winners were Mario Bernadino, who works in the Housekeeping Department in Independent Living, and Priscilla Frazier, who works in our Stewart Health Center. Not only did Priscilla win Employee of the Year, she was also honored for her 35-year tenure at Springmoor.

Overall, we honored more than 40 staff members for completing 10 or more full years of service at our community. And this is only the employees who hit these milestones in 2024!

A question I’m often asked when visiting new residents or enjoying my monthly dinner with a group of residents is “Where do we find such great employees?” I’m always glad to respond to this question because I’m so proud of our employees and the strategies we employ to attract and retain them.

The most important strategy we use to secure outstanding employees is empowering our hiring managers and supervisors to interview and select new staff members. Like coaches for sports teams, our department managers know their existing team best. They understand the skills and characteristics required for each position they need to fill better than anyone else.

The managers who will be supervising employees are the appropriate folks to decide who should be hired because they have the first-hand knowledge to help them determine which candidate will work well with their existing team and be the ideal fit for each open position. They know how to motivate each staff member to get the best results based on their strengths and weaknesses.

Many organizations hire all employees through the Human Resource Department based on specific criteria and the position they applied for. We feel this is ineffective, as the staff of the Human Resource Department is not in as good a position as each department head to know which job candidate has the skills to best complement those of the team already in place. We utilize Human Resources to provide background checks, drug screens, onboarding, orientation, and all other processes and procedures needed before any new employee can begin serving our residents.

Springmoor is blessed to have a naturally inviting and friendly work environment that many describe as being “like a family.” Our positive work culture is based on the fundamental values of serving our residents, treating our employees with dignity and respect, and providing them with quality pay and good benefits.

In addition to providing an overall positive work environment, our job as directors and managers is to continue developing the employees we hire. This includes sending employees to conferences, continuing education, networking events, and other opportunities to help them continue their growth and learning as valued members of the team. If we, as directors, are not developing and helping grow our employees, we are not doing our job to the fullest.

Lastly, we excel at promoting from within as talented employees are ready to take the next step in their careers. Just a few employees who have been promoted to senior management positions at Springmoor due to their hard work and dedication are Debbie Sivnksty, Director of Nursing; Jacob Hollingsworth, Director of Security and Transportation; Kari Richie, Director of Pathways; and Brad Dilday, Associate Director.

What better way to motivate dedicated employees than by giving them opportunities and investing in them? As Executive Director, I provide each Department Manager with yearly goals to achieve and educational opportunities to help them enhance their skills. With many opportunities for advancement coupled with our positive work environment and core employee values, we plan to continue attracting and retaining outstanding new employees.

Are you interested in becoming part of Springmoor’s exceptional team? Visit the careers page of our website to view our current job openings and apply online.

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