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Now Is the Time to Make a Plan for Retirement Living

You’ve probably spent a lot of time and energy on retirement planning over the years. For most of us, however, this planning revolves around saving and investing to support the lifestyle we want after we stop working. If you’re near retirement age or have already reached it, it’s time to do some thoughtful planning regarding exactly where you will live as you age.

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The Pathways Portal: Staying Connected Is Easier Than Ever

At Springmoor, we always strive to improve the lives of the residents. Through amenities and services, we attempt to create an environment where everything is convenient, so that they can continue to live their vibrant lives. As time moves on, we continue to innovate and progress with these offerings – never becoming complacent, always pushing forward. In this spirit, one of the newest amenities we have introduced is the Pathways Portal, a website/app that is tailor-made to help residents connect and stay informed about community news.

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Meet Our Chaplains: Supporting and Engaging the Springmoor Community

Regardless of how you approach spirituality, connecting with your spiritual side can help you be more gracious, compassionate, optimistic and self-actualized. Fortunately, Springmoor provides many paths to spiritual wellness, which are guided by its co-chaplains, Juliana Lindenberg and Lori Higgins.

Springmoor chaplains Juliana Lindenberg and Lori Higgins
Springmoor’s co-chaplains, Julianna Lindenberg (left) and Lori Higgins.

Juliana and Lori serve the community in ways that go far beyond the traditional worship services. They bring people together through a variety of groups and programs meant to enlighten and uplift. Plus, the pair is always on-call and ready to support residents and their families as well as staff members, no matter the challenge.

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Coronavirus Precautions

The health of our residents and team members is our number one priority. For information regarding the Coronavirus precautions being taken at Springmoor, please see our dedicated updates page.

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