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Why We Invest in Marketing Though Our Community Is Full and Maintains a Long Waitlist

By Brandon Hair, Executive Director of Springmoor

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Residents often ask me why we continue to spend money on marketing when our community is full, and we have a healthy waitlist. I am always glad when they ask this question because it demonstrates they are in tune with controlling expenses and concerned about keeping Springmoor financially healthy.

The short answer I always give is that we must stay at the forefront of potential residents’ minds, as there is so much competition in our field, especially in the greater Raleigh area. With the huge number of baby boomers retiring nationally—and so many retirees moving to the highly desirable Triangle area of North Carolina—the number of choices being made available locally is ever-increasing. Prospective residents have a wide range of options from which to choose, and we must continue to highlight all the aspects of our community that make it unique.

As the first Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) to be established in Raleigh, North Carolina, we are very thankful to have enjoyed an excellent reputation for almost 40 years. We must, however, continue to evolve to stay competitive, while at the same time staying true to our core values. The most effective way to do this is through digital marketing.

Digital sources are now responsible for almost two-thirds of leads for potential residents for retirement communities. Springmoor generates between 80–90% of our leads through electronic media, such as our website, our Facebook page, regular blogging, and our email campaigns.

As you know, deciding to move to a retirement community requires a large commitment of time, thought, and planning. You need to feel comfortable and confident you are making the right decision.

I advise potential residents to check out other communities and try to determine which one is the best fit for them. Each of us has different needs and a unique personality. Repeatedly I hear from new residents and long-time residents that Springmoor feels homey and comfortable. I feel the same way while I’m at work each day, and this is a large part of why I love working here.

You cannot fully grasp the family feel of our community virtually through a website, Facebook post, or any other type of digital media. It takes a visit to our campus to see how special Springmoor is; you must have the experience of exploring our campus and meeting residents and staff.  

There are no “quick sales” when individuals are making a huge lifestyle decision such as moving into a retirement community. As much as possible, we need to personalize our approach to each potential resident and help them make the decision that is best for them.

One way I believe we can enhance our approach is for each person who tours Springmoor to receive a signature Springmoor food item. I think this extra touch will provide a more customized tour and initiate the building of a strong relationship at the time of an individual’s first visit to our campus.

If you are a current resident, please share with me some of your favorite desserts or seasonal items we offer that highlight Springmoor and that you feel others would enjoy most. Along with our comprehensive digital marketing efforts, each current resident is a primary selling point for Springmoor and what people like most about our homey environment. With your input, we can provide each visitor with a small piece of our unique personality and keep potential residents choosing Springmoor for another 40 years.

Springmoor is a nonprofit Continuing Care Retirement Community offering seniors a variety of residence options that range from apartments to larger villas and homes. If you’re looking for an active senior living community in Raleigh, call us at 919-848-7080 with your questions.

You can also click here to fill out a short online form to receive a free packet of information or schedule an appointment for a personalized tour. Our friendly team looks forward to meeting you soon!

Are you interested in becoming part of Springmoor’s exceptional team? Visit the careers page of our website to view our current job openings and apply online.



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