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Making Your New House a Home

The renovations begin on your new home shortly after you have made your color selections and style requests. Change a large set of closet doors to a narrower set of French doors, move the cable outlet behind the TV wall mount, add a built-in bookcase or customize your closet. All of these personalized requests make your house a home. With every new move-in, Springmoor will customize your home with your paint colors and flooring selections. If the apartment does not have the latest cabinetry, appliances, countertops and bathrooms, you choose these too. If there are additional updates to personalize your home, just ask! We are happy to help design your new home to fit all of your needs. Continue reading →

On the Grounds of Springmoor

New visitors are always quick to compliment Springmoor on the neatly manicured grounds and colorful landscaping throughout the campus. Nestled in a neighborhood and built into the topography of the land, the grounds are extremely lush and verdant. Residents are invited to add to their homes with their favorite annuals and perennials. This week our Resident Gardeners share their stories about gardening at Springmoor.

What have you planted this year in the resident garden or outside of your home?

On the South Village side of the campus, we have twenty-three resident gardeners who each have a 10’ x 20’ plot to plant their favorite vegetables and flowers.

For those with floral gardens, we now have a colorful mix of zinnias. Resident Dave Waters started in the winter season with his Hellebores and has continued to have blooms throughout the seasons with Brugmansia, Hibiscus, Star Lilies and Salvia, to name just a few. Continue reading →

What to Expect on Move-In Day

You’ve sorted, thrown-away, donated, downsized and packed. All of your kitchen items are in boxes, your clothing is neatly sorted and hanging in wardrobe boxes. Your furniture is ready to be put on the moving truck. Move-in day typically starts at 8:00 in the morning. The crew arrives early to load your belongings into the moving van and deliver everything to your new Springmoor address.

Barbara and Allen Page describe their new Springmoor friends as "the nicest people we may have ever met."
Barbara and Allen Page describe their new Springmoor friends as “the nicest people we may have ever met.”

Packing and Preparations

The months prior to the move are filled with anticipation, paperwork, decision- making and so much more. Springmoor residents, Allen and Barbara Page, tell us the decision to move is just the first of many decisions. They felt this decision was a gift to their children. Cleaning out their lifetime home and making their own choices was helpful to the entire family. They were able to choose items to take with them and choose items with sentimental value to give to their children and grandchildren. The simplicity they feel now is wonderful. Continue reading →

Trips and Travels

Summer means it’s time to travel. With a rich history of North Carolina sites to see, Springmoor has planned quite a few excursions this month and next. Of course, enjoying lunch or dinner with neighbors is always part of the trip’s adventure too. Dining along the way, with the best southern style restaurants on the map, is a must for everyone on the trip.

The Kenan family's Liberty Hall
The Kenan family’s Liberty Hall

Liberty Hall Museum

The 1800’s Duplin County house was once home to the prominent Kenan family. The house has been restored and is now a Southern Historic Landmark Museum. Located in Kenansville, NC, this historical setting with many treasured family collections opened to the public in 1968.

Originally built in 1730, Thomas Kenan’s home has passed through many generations. The first Liberty Hall was furnished with pieces brought over from Europe. After a large fire, which destroyed the original house, Owen Rand, Thomas’ oldest son, rebuilt it. Income from the Liberty Hall plantation was primarily from sales of timber, pinch tar and turpentine. Continue reading →

The Store is The Reward

Emily and Bob find many rewards in helping run the Springmoor Convenience Store
Emily and Bob find many rewards in helping run the Springmoor Convenience Store

What do you do when you are out of bread or milk? Most of us run to the grocery store or call a good neighbor. Here at Springmoor, the grocery store and a good neighbor are one in the same! The community of volunteers that run the store are a reward for everyone here.

Springmoor residents and husband and wife, Emily Castrodale and Bob McGaffin, have been managing The Little Corner Store, an on-campus convenience store, for the past six and a half years. The store provides a great service for their neighbors at Springmoor. Bob and Emily, along with a long list of volunteers, keep the store stocked with everyday essentials and speciality items. The pricing is the same as what you can find in the nearest grocery store.

A volunteer-based staff helps run the store. The extraordinary team handles everything at the store from scheduling, staffing, purchasing and restocking. Neighbors helping neighbors is what makes the McGaffins so dedicated to this part of their community. They were both quick to say that the rewards outweigh the volunteer hours. The fun is the challenge of running things smoothly, the new grocery requests and spending time with their fellow residents and the staff. “The payback is great!” says Bob. Continue reading →

Choosing Between a Move to a 55+ Community and a CCRC?

Is it time to think about your next move? Are your children settled in their own homes? Are you planning to retire from your nine-to-five routine in the near future? Home maintenance and housework getting in the way of your travel time, golf game and visits with your grandchildren? Then it’s time to let someone else take care of these duties and enjoy your free time. There are many communities and options to consider as you begin your search.

The Wellness Center offers a perfect place to exercise and play with your grandchildren
The Wellness Center offers a perfect place to exercise and play with your grandchildren

55+ Communities

The name easily describes the community. Moving to a single-family home, condo or an apartment in a 55+ neighborhood is an option for those looking for like-minded neighbors with similar interests. Most communities are built with clubhouses, fitness centers, walking trails and swimming pools. They are often located close to shops, restaurants, grocery stores and entertainment centers. Most do not allow anyone younger than 18 to live in the home (of course, visitors are always allowed) and one of the residents in the home must be 55 years of age or older.

The statistics show that the average age of residents in 55+ community is now actually 75. The older the development, the older the residents will be. New construction will most likely have younger residents moving in as the community develops. Lawn maintenance may be included in some communities. Some will require extra fees for other amenities. The cost may be similar to your home now. While the size may be smaller, the Home Owner Association fees will pay for much of the neighborhood common area maintenance. You will pay separately for the amenities that you prefer – golf activities, fitness training and dining at neighborhood locations will only be a part of your expenses if you choose for them to be.

The community's Croquet Court is always filled with a little friendly competition between neighbors
The community’s Croquet Court is always filled with a little friendly competition between neighbors

Continuing Care Retirement Communities

Much like a 55+ community, a CCRC has all of the extras with the added benefit of aging in place. Healthcare is the extra that you will not find in a 55+ community. The name, once again, describes it best – continuing care. These communities were built to accommodate transitions. Independent living is the largest part of any Continuing Care Retirement Community. Single-family houses with a garage and an office, much like your own home, are available at Springmoor. Villas or apartments are also part of the independent floor plan options on our campus. Continue reading →