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Springmoor Library’s Passing of the Torch

Winnie Apperson, dedicated Springmoor Librarian passes the torch

After 15 years at the helm, Springmoor Resident, Winnie Apperson has passed the torch to Mary Alice Hale. The Springmoor library is running like a well-oiled machine with the guidelines Winnie has put in place. Mary Alice agreed to step in as Committee Chairman of the Springmoor Library.

Asked why she agreed to take on this position, Mary Alice laughs and says, “in a moment of weakness, they asked and I agreed.” With no library experience, other than the exception of checking out a book and paying a few overdue fines, she really didn’t know much about the Springmoor system.

Springmoor’s new Library Committee Chairman, Mary Alice Hale works with many wonderful volunteers

With 6,000 books in the main library, six different reading rooms filled with paperbacks, 40 volunteers, two book clubs, a book cart service, an acquisition budget and a half dozen dedicated committee members, she has found herself in a wonderful position. Armed with a CPA’s background for keeping things cataloged and organized, running a household with four children and a full time career, Mary Alice knows how to get things done.

Winnie developed and trained volunteers to help run the Springmoor Library system so that no one’s job is too big. She has volunteers that are well suited for helping with each task that needs to be done.

Springmoor’s Library is filled with fiction, non-fiction, magazines and more


The Springmoor library purchases books through Quail Ridge Books as well as a few online services. Resident volunteer, Linda Jones does the research to find the best new reads that are offered each month. The library is happy to take donations but only if the book was published after 2000 and not already in our library. We have room for only one copy of each book and prefer to have a wide variety of offerings. She welcomes a list of books a resident or their family would like to donate and sends a confirmation of those that we are interested in receiving. The Wake County library takes our older books and donations, adding them to their annual book sale at the fairgrounds.

Springmoor Authors

Book Cart

Once a week, Dale Matzinger and Fred McGehee volunteer to take the book cart to the Stewart Health Center and Supportive Living. The two choose the books that they think would be of interest to their fellow residents. Of course, they take requests and are happy to recommend something new.

The East Reading Room in North Village


Gay Hertzman is the volunteer in charge of registering each book. New books purchased, as well as those that have been donated, are cataloged and marked with stickers. Card pockets are added and locations are noted. Gay has worked as a professional librarian so this is a perfect fit for her talents. She often has the help of Beverly Fuller, the Library Committee Secretary.

The Gathering Room in South Village

Book Clubs

There are two – The Book Worms and The Moor Readers – one on each side of the campus. Ginny Liddle and Dottie Davis organize these two groups of avid readers. The participants choose the books for the reading clubs from a Wake County Book Club kit list. The county supplies a kit of 15 books for each club. The groups read different books, mostly non-fiction best sellers. They meet once a month to discuss their latest book. If you want to join in the discussion, contact our librarian, Mary Alice.


Jan Hagarty schedules the forty volunteers that work in the library each month. She sends a monthly calendar and friendly weekly reminders to keep things running smoothly. The library is open every morning, Monday thru Saturday, and every weekday afternoon. Eileen Herbermann steps in to train the volunteers and Audrey Austin writes beautiful correspondence notes and memorials.

The Carolina Room in South Village

Reading Rooms

There is not only a full-sized library at Springmoor but there are five smaller versions located across the campus. In the South Village Carolina Room you will find large print books. In the East Reading Room you will find an assortment of paperback books. The Stewart Health Center also has a collection. The Gathering Room in South Village has an assortment of architecture and art history books. Beverly Fuller can be found organizing these collections, which are “checked out” on an honor system. Continue reading →

The Arc of the Triangle Award

Employer of the Year Award presented to Springmoor

Springmoor is the proud recipient of the 2017 Employer of the Year Award from The Arc of the Triangle. Demi Tucker, Springmoor’s Dining Room Manager, recently accepted this exciting award on behalf of our community. She says not only do The Arc participants add value to our dining room with their dedication and hard work but their fellow employees and the residents greatly appreciate their tremendous enthusiasm.

Demi Tucker with The Arc of the Triangle’s Interim Executive Director, Jennifer Hughes-Pfaltzgraff

The Arc

The Arc, a national organization founded in the 1950s, was formed by a group of parents advocating for their children with intellectual and development disabilities. The grass roots organization now has over 700 state and local chapters. The local chapter, The Arc of the Triangle, serves Wake, Orange and Durham counties. Supporting over 500 children and adults, they offer a wide variety of programs including respite services, summer work programs, employment services and community guides. They also offer a wide range of classes and advocacy network services. Springmoor resident, Charlie Blanchard, served on the Arc’s Board of Directors for many years. He and his wife, Archie, continue to be huge supporters of this successful organization.

A student seeking employment may join the program during his or her high school years at age 17. The Arc continues to work with adults in this same program until they are 65. Each student is paired with a job coach that will help with training, job skills and future employment. The coach often accompanies the employee to their new job to help with on-the-job training. Tamela Haywood, The Arc’s Employment Specialist, told us that Springmoor has proven to be one of the best places for employment for her participants. The three employees, Sally, Angel and Jeremiah, love their jobs, their fellow employees and the residents.

Sally Buckner’s great smile welcomes residents to the dining room


Sally has been at Springmoor for twenty-nine years. Her smile will brighten anyone’s day! She is a dedicated employee that works in the North Village Dining Room as a line server. She also sings in The Arc’s choir that performs regularly for churches, civic groups and community events. Demi describes her as “very reliable, always on time and extremely detailed.” The dining room staff recently joined in a celebration for her 60th birthday.

Angel Lee a wonderful addition to the dining room staff


Angel, a 2017 high school graduate, came to Springmoor this past February. Starting as a very shy and quiet young lady, she has blossomed into a wonderful employee before everyone’s eyes. All of the residents will tell you they have seen a remarkable change as she became more experienced with the staff and her duties. She speaks both Korean and English. She too is very detail-oriented. Serving in the dining room, she fills orders from the drink stand as well as the dessert bar. She recently brought flowers to Demi from the Arc’s Petals with a Purpose program.

Jeremiah Lucas loves his job at Springmoor


Jeremiah, Springmoor’s newest Arc employee, lights up the room with his huge smile and willingness to help. His mother tells us he sings with delight on the days that he is scheduled to work. Having a purpose and feeling productive brings him great joy! On the day that he received his first paycheck, Tamela said, “he sent me a photo on his phone.” He recently met Springmoor’s Executive Director, Brandon Hair. He called afterwards to tell her “he had met the big man.” He is often seen giving high fives and fist bumps to his fellow employees when he arrives in the kitchen. As a dishwasher, he has found a special niche that suits his skills and his desire to help. He couldn’t be happier that he has found such a welcoming community that needs him. Continue reading →

Introducing the New Meraki Arts Studio

Our new Meraki Studio
Our new Meraki Arts Studio

Meraki (may-rah-kee)

verb or adverb (from the Turkish “Merak”)

  1. labor of love; done with pleasure
  2. applied to tasks, usually creative or artistic
    Leaving a little piece of yourself (your soul, creativity or love) in your work. When you love doing something, anything, so much that you put something of   yourself into it.

Springmoor’s new Meraki Arts Studio opened this weekend. Our residents had the opportunity to meet the artists who will be teaching in the studio. Fall classes will include glass fusing, acrylic painting, fabric dying, charcoal drawing, calligraphy, zentangle arts and so much more. Each artist will bring something new to the studio.

New additions to the studio - personal lockers and a fused glass kiln
New additions to the studio – personal lockers and a fused glass kiln

Our newly renovated space includes larger tables and work spaces. Lockers have been added to store personal supplies. New flooring, chairs and cabinetry have been added too. A glass kiln was purchased for many of the classes that artist Linda Martin will teach at Springmoor. A sewing machine for fabric classes will be installed next month.

Fused glass kiln with before and after sun-catchers

Class sizes depend on each artist. There is enough space for thirty to participate in a project but often not enough time for each instructor to help with a large crowd. Scheduling the classes on multiple days will certainly allow for everyone to experiment with their own creativity and have one-on-one time with the artist. We have night-owl classes, Saturday classes and early afternoon studio times on the calendar.

This fall we welcome a few of our favorite artists back as well as a few new faces to the Meraki Arts Studio. Gretchen Phillips, mixed media, Tony Midyette, acrylic painting and Linda Martin, fused glass instructor, have many dates on the Springmoor arts calendar. New instructor, Marcelle Hooks, a portrait artist, will also be joining our creative fall schedule. There are other artists in the works, so stay tuned!

Gretchen Phillips
Gretchen Phillips

Gretchen – Jewelry & Silk Screen

Gretchen Phillips likes to “dabble in different art forms.” Her current interests are in jewelry making, silk screening, and acrylic painting. Her background in print making and drawing gives her a wide range of abilities and class ideas. She has taught in the public school system, for the parks and recreation departments, at Artspace and Pinot’s Palette. Her wide smile and enthusiasm make each class exciting. The Springmoor residents participated in several paper projects and silk scarf dying classes this summer.

Linda Martin
Linda Martin

Linda – Fused Glass

Linda Martin has been teaching fused glass classes the past few months much to our residents’ delight! They have tried their hand at decorative glass bowls, jewelry pendants and bracelets, houseplant sun catchers and holiday ornaments. The new glass kiln in the studio brings a wonderful new media to the art offerings. Her work will be on exhibit in the Meraki Gallery during the month of October.

Linda works out of her home studio blowing and fusing glass. She teaches for the City of Raleigh, the Town of Cary and the Town of Wake Forest. She uses both a glass kiln and a torch to create her pieces. She paints with glass enamels, transfers images to glass using screen prints and stamps. She finishes her projects with glass saws, belt sanders and an assortment of other manual tools. Her pieces are the talk of the community! The staff at Springmoor has requested classes also after seeing the beautiful pieces that the residents have made.

Tommy Midyette
Tommy Midyette

Tommy – Acrylic Paint

Tommy Midyette has been teaching painting classes at Springmoor for several years. Earning a graphic design degree from NC State, he pursues his art in acrylics, oil, pastels, charcoals, colored pencil and pen and ink. He brings with him a great teaching style and very creative canvas ideas. Tommy also offers fun Wine & Design classes for resident groups. His three-hour painting classes include landscapes, animals and still-life objects. He brings the supplies and you bring the creativity.

Marcelle Hooks
Marcelle Hooks

Marcelle – Pen and Ink

New to Springmoor, Marcelle Hooks, a classical oil figure and portraiture artist, joins us this fall. She has been teaching in the Raleigh area for more than twenty years at her private home studio as well as Wake Tech Community College, the Cary Arts Center, Cape Fear Community College and other South Carolina and Virginia galleries. We look forward to welcoming her to the new studio in October.


Springmoor resident, Linda Jones at NC Museum of Natural Sciences’ Art Gallery

Linda – Colored Pencils

Our community is filled with artists – those that have had private showings and those that just like to dabble. Linda Jones, a Springmoor resident, recently presented her artwork at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences’ Nature Art Gallery. “Using my own photographs, I paint with colored pencil to capture this natural beauty as realistically as possible. The majority of my subjects have been found in North Carolina, many in my Raleigh neighborhood.”

Kathy and Dick – Watercolor and Stones

Springmoor resident, Kathy Canary, has beautiful watercolor paintings throughout her house that she painted while living in Tennessee, Florida and now her new home in Raleigh. Retired NC State professor, Dick Volk, first tried his hand at stone cutting machine while he was pursuing his college degree. Throughout his time at NC State, he was not only a teacher but also a student taking classes in silver working and stone cutting. Now in his retirement you can find him designing jewelry, working with precious metals and stones in the Meraki studio.

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Living Like Family at Springmoor

Frances and Bill Marley, part of the Springmoor Family
Frances and Bill Marley, part of the Springmoor Family

This week, Bill Marley, one of Springmoor’s newest residents shares his journey to Springmoor – his new home and his new extended family.

 Many thoughts come to mind as Frances and I reflect on our journey to Springmoor. This journey actually began in quiet conversation one evening a few years ago as we discussed the notion of downsizing. Many “empty-nesters” tend to do this after growing weary of rattling around in a big house, climbing stairs to the second floor, and constantly attending the responsibilities of property ownership.

Making Springmoor home
Making Springmoor home


We were very independent, but had a few developing health issues. This led us to consider moving to one of the fine retirement communities in Raleigh. We are blessed to have our two sons and their families living in the Raleigh area. They would gladly provide all the assistance needed as we grew older. However, Frances and I wanted to spare them of that responsibility and the effect caring for us would have on their lives.

Being Raleigh residents, we were well acquainted with Springmoor. Many friends were living here and Frances had performed for the delightful Springmoor Residents many times as a member of the Cardinal Singers.

A Springmoor Marketing Counselor became our guide along this journey. It was an easy decision to choose Springmoor as our future home. We both had a comforting feeling of relief the afternoon we sat with her and signed papers placing us on the wait list for residency. Just having our names on that list gave us an immediate sense of belonging to this community.

The Little Corner Store
The Little Corner Store


After moving here four months ago, the feeling of belonging has grown stronger. Everyone has welcomed us into the Springmoor Family with open arms. We enjoy seeing old friends more often now and meet new friends almost daily. Frances has benefited tremendously from the expert physical therapy sessions at the Stewart Health Center. I enjoy being a cashier at Springmoor’s Little Corner Store one morning a month. Becoming more involved in activities and volunteering our services as much as possible is something we are looking forward to in the months ahead.

I want to express the thought that “comfort” and “relief” are defining words in our lives since becoming Springmoor Residents. This is particularly true for me. Frances uses a walker and depends on me to be her “legs” and perform more than the usual “chores” expected of husbands around the house. Her safety and well-being are first and foremost. When living in our Raleigh home, I carried on my shoulders the responsibility of being first responder by calling 911 and then doing all I could awaiting the arrival of help. The weight of that responsibility has been significantly lightened now that we are Springmoor Residents.

Welcome home!
Welcome home!


Before Springmoor, I was always uneasy leaving Frances alone at home when I had to make an occasional day-trip out of town. I made certain she had everything needed close at hand, including medicine, a charged cell phone, and list of emergency numbers. I scheduled my trips when one or both of our sons would be in Raleigh and could come to help, if needed. I then called throughout the day to make certain she was all right. I was always uneasy there would be a certain delay in getting help to her if she had any trouble.

Now I am “comforted” and “relieved” in knowing that if Frances needs help while I am away, she can dial zero, pull the security cord, or press the pendant and help will be at our door in a brief minute. On a recent 12-hour round trip to Bryson City in the far western mountains, I knew Frances was safe in our Springmoor home. I was much more at ease driving in the heavy I-40 traffic without an urgent feeling I needed to get back home as soon as possible. That night, as I turned off Sawmill at the end of the trip, the double driveways at the lighted Springmoor entrance were like two outstretched arms welcoming me home again. I knew Frances was awaiting my return, safely inside the community. Continue reading →

Entertaining Your Guests

Be our guest….

“Ma chere Mademoiselle, it is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that we welcome you tonight and now we invite you to relax. Let us pull up a chair, as the dining room proudly presents…your dinner!”

Be our guest, be our guest

Put our service to the test

Tie your napkin ’round your neck, cherie

And we’ll provide the rest…

(Ewan McGregor, Beauty and The Beast)

Do you have guests this weekend? Springmoor is happy to help! We have guest rooms, dining services, exercise facilities, a computer lab and game rooms for your visitors while they are here. We want both of you to enjoy your time together and leave the hospitality duties to us.

Morning coffee or a late night snack in your room


Your guests are welcome to dine in any of our four dining areas. Whether it is a white tablecloth dinner or a quick snack at the café, we can help! You can grab an ice cream afternoon snack with your grandchildren or enjoy a cocktail and dinner with your best friend in the dining room. If you prefer to host a special event dinner party with your guests, our catering services can help plan this too. We have several private dining rooms to offer for your event. Our newly renovated guest rooms now have refrigerators, microwaves and Keurig Coffee Makers for a late night snack or an early morning breakfast.

There are beautiful walking paths throughout the campus


Springmoor is surrounded by beautiful neighborhoods with bike trails and walking paths. The Capital Area Greenway Trail system has over 100 miles of trails and 14 parks. Your guest can run through the neighborhood, walk around one of the city’s lakes or visit our Wellness Center and jog on the elliptical trainer. Springmoor’s saltwater lap pool is perfect for an early morning swim or an afternoon with the grandchildren. We invite your guests to join you for fitness class too.

Ping Pong with friends and family is great for a few laughs!

Games and Computers

Billiards, Horse Shoes, Putting on the Green, Ping Pong, Puzzles and Croquet can all make a fun family afternoon with your guests. The Woodshop and the Meraki Arts Studio can be used to work on a special project if you need a little extra room or special tools to create a unique project. Need to check your flight schedule or print a boarding pass? Our computer room is available for your guest too.

Working, reading and relaxing in our newly renovated guest rooms

Convenience Store and Bank

The small convenience store is open every morning, making it easy to pick up any item your guest forgot to pack. We also have a Wells Fargo Branch located in North Village. All of the services and amenities we offer to our residents are also available for their guests. Our Springmoor Presents series of musical events and lectures is offered several evenings a month and we would love to have your guest join you for that too!

Make your reservations soon for a Springmoor visit with your family


Running, golfing, dining, and shopping: Raleigh has so much to offer its visitors! The list of museums and festivals available make Wake County a wonderful place to visit. If you haven’t shown your guest the NC Museum of Art, seen a show at the Durham Performing Arts Center, visited the NC State Fair, attended a Durham Bulls baseball game, or listened to the banjos at IBMA Wide Open Blue Grass, you have a long list of things to do! We are home of the very best ACC basketball, baseball and football too – the Triangle can be filled with Wolfpack, Tar Heel and Duke fans most any weekend. If you are in town for a game or a short visit with your parents, we have a room for you!

Our guest rooms are located in both North and South Villages. We have a variety of sizes for you and your family. Several of our guest rooms also include a full kitchen and a sleeper sofa for the little ones. We have smaller rooms too if your stay is only for a night or two. Continue reading →

What Makes Springmoor Unique?

A future resident called to schedule a tour last week. They said they were interested in seeing the campus described as “the one in the forest.” This certainly describes one of the most unique qualities of Springmoor.

The Grounds

When the property was developed, the designers drew the plans for the buildings into the topography of the land. Leaving the natural grading and the well-developed trees gives each apartment a beautiful view from their ground floor patio, upper deck porch or bay window. The paths through the woods provide a shady walk on a hot afternoon. And in the fall, when the trees are changing colors, the views are spectacular!

The paved sidewalks throughout the campus are perfect for a morning walk.

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