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Fostering Wellness Remains a Top Priority Among Seniors & Senior Living Leaders

By Brandon Hair, Executive Director of Springmoor

Wellness remains a top priority among seniors and senior living leaders, according to a 2024 report by the ICAA (International Council on Active Aging). As new communities are being built, in general more time and money are being invested to develop state-of-the-art wellness centers than in the past.

These centers help make it possible to offer a wide variety of effective, enjoyable programs and services that support holistic health. We are fortunate that the Springmoor Board of Directors and leadership recognized the importance of wellness and constructed our Pathways Wellness Center 12 years ago.

Our commitment to holistic care is evident in the variety of wellness programs offered within our Pathways Program. While 75% of communities surveyed in the ICAA report offer programs that support social and emotional well-being, art classes, mindfulness training, spiritual programs, and outdoor activities, we are proud to be in the one-hundredth percentile, offering all this and much more at Springmoor. This achievement reflects our dedication to providing comprehensive wellness support to each of our residents.

The wellness center at Springmoor stands out for its extensive facilities that include an indoor pool, movement room, exercise room, sauna, massage room, physical therapy room, and even a salon. These outstanding amenities have formed a strong foundation, enabling us to continue to expand our offerings for more than a decade.

From balance classes in the movement room to personal training with our exercise equipment, our dedicated staff is always on the lookout for new programs to keep all residents active and healthy. We offer classes for a wide range of ability levels in a variety of modalities that include yoga, Pilates, tai chi, aerobics, and even line dancing. The heated saltwater pool is available for independent use as well as fitness classes.

The ICAA study also mentions that 63% of communities surveyed plan to expand wellness and activity programs and increase wellness budgets. They plan to hire more wellness staff at higher rates to ensure wellness is integrated into community culture so that better care and service delivery are provided overall. I am proud we have already taken these steps, and we will continue to improve wherever possible.

By recently restructuring our Pathways Wellness team, we have promoted employees to different positions and are providing higher salaries. These employees now have job duties that are more diverse. We have increased the size of the team over the years due to demand, and now we are better utilizing each staff member based on their strengths and how they can best serve our residents.

I look forward to seeing what new wellness programs will be implemented at Springmoor in the second half of 2024. It is no secret that all programs mentioned above help the residents of communities like ours live longer and healthier lives. We can all see that in the vibrancy of our community.

If you would like to schedule a tour of our Pathways Wellness Center or participate in one of our events and activities, please contact us online or call (919) 848-7050.



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