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Trips and Travels

Summer means it’s time to travel. With a rich history of North Carolina sites to see, Springmoor has planned quite a few excursions this month and next. Of course, enjoying lunch or dinner with neighbors is always part of the trip’s adventure too. Dining along the way, with the best southern style restaurants on the map, is a must for everyone on the trip.

The Kenan family's Liberty Hall
The Kenan family’s Liberty Hall

Liberty Hall Museum

The 1800’s Duplin County house was once home to the prominent Kenan family. The house has been restored and is now a Southern Historic Landmark Museum. Located in Kenansville, NC, this historical setting with many treasured family collections opened to the public in 1968.

Originally built in 1730, Thomas Kenan’s home has passed through many generations. The first Liberty Hall was furnished with pieces brought over from Europe. After a large fire, which destroyed the original house, Owen Rand, Thomas’ oldest son, rebuilt it. Income from the Liberty Hall plantation was primarily from sales of timber, pinch tar and turpentine. Continue reading →

Adventures with Your Neighbors

Leah Willis, Springmoor's Resident Life Director and master adventure planner
Leah Willis, Springmoor’s Resident Life Director and master adventure planner

Springmoor has an active tour schedule planned for the spring. Have you made reservations for the adventure to the zoo or to the museum? Would you prefer an afternoon tea at Fearrington or a trip to the Durham Bulls ballpark for nine innings of spring baseball? What’s your style? Leah Willis, our Resident Life Director, has planned an exciting and varied spring schedule for our residents. She has outdoor tours and evening dinners, lunch outings, movies and so much more on our calendar. Residents will want to make reservations immediately for these great trips as they all fill up quickly.

The calendar is published each month and in the residents’ mailboxes by the middle of the proceeding month. Those on our Wait List receive a schedule too. If transportation is available, Wait List participants are welcome to join the trip. Of course, if a Wait List participant wants to meet us at our destination, that’s also a possibility depending on our reservations. Every adventure is more fun with a friend and neighbor.

Whirligig Park in Wilson
The Whirligig Park in Wilson

Whirligig Park & Museum

Our May calendar has a trip to Wilson to see the wind-powered sculptures of world renowned artist and engineer, Vollis Simpson. The Whirligig Park was designed to bring art and science together. The colors, motion and sounds will certainly dazzle you!

Vollis Simpson brings art and science together with his whirligigs
Vollis Simpson brings art and science together with his whirligigs

The New York Times described Simpson as “a visionary artist of the junkyard…who made metal scraps into magnificent things that twirled and jangled and clattered when he set them out on his land.” His interest in moving parts began when he was young. His father was in the house moving business. After the war, Vollis opened a machinery repair shop. His collection of odd parts continued to grow through the years. After his retirement, he began to construct enormous windmills in his yard and the field of whirligigs soon began.

Aloha Zoo in Cameron
The Aloha Zoo in Cameron

Aloha Safari Zoo

This working zoo in Cameron is a true family affair. Lee Crutchfield’s mother, father and sister all have roles in the daily activities. “This is God’s gift to me. Every single day, I get to do the work I love,” he says. Rescuing animals in need has been his mission for many years. The Aloha Safari Zoo opened in 2010 and covers 60 acres. They are licensed for up to 500 animals and now have a current population of 450. The habitats are constructed with hurricane strength enclosures. They are all equipped with ultraviolet lighting to provide Vitamin D for its wide variety of species.

The animals art work is on display and for sale in the Aloha gift shop
The animal’s are artists

You will certainly want to stop by and see the Animal Art Gallery while you are there. Using non-toxic, water-based tempera paint and a canvas, they let the animals paint with their tails, toes or a brush. The artwork sales go to the upkeep of the park and the care of their animals.

Afternoon Tea at Fearrington
Afternoon Tea at Fearrington

Afternoon Tea at Fearrington Village

Would you prefer a quiet afternoon cup of tea? Tea sandwiches, French cakes, Southern-inspired tarts and jams from the Fearrington House Restaurant are a wonderful accompaniment to a loose-leaf tea or herbal flavored teas. Hot cinnamon, Organic green with Citrus, Peppermint or Fresh Mint are just a few of the many tea options on the menu.

Fearrington Village is home to a dairy farm, restaurants and gift shops
Fearrington Village is home to a dairy farm, restaurants and gift shops

Located just outside of Chapel Hill, the Fearrington House Restaurant has been offering fine dining for nearly 40 years. They are honored to be on the AAA Five Diamond list since 1995. There is an independent bookstore, a luxury women’s boutique, gift shop and wine shop in the Village. The Fearrington family established the 640-acre property as a dairy farm in 1930. Although the original owners have sold the land, the farm continues to be an important part of the community with gardens and animals providing many of the garnishes for the restaurant’s menus.

Take me out to the ballpark
Take me out to the ballpark

Durham Bulls

If an afternoon at the ballpark is more your cup of tea, then we invite you to join us for hotdogs, popcorn and a few curve balls at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park. Triple-A minor league baseball in the 10,000 seat stadium is a must see in our area. The ballpark was designed with many of the same characteristics of an old-time park complimenting the historic downtown Durham architecture. The Snorting Bull, the park’s most distinctive feature, was modeled after the bull used in the popular Bull Durham movie.

The snorting bull was used in the famous Bull Durham movie
The snorting bull was used in the famous Bull Durham movie

Last year the Durham Bulls were the Triple-A National Champs beating the Memphis Redbirds for the title. They have won the International League championship twice and look forward to a successful 2018 season ahead. Watch the calendar for the Springmoor date to join your neighbors for some of the best baseball in the area along with a chili dog and a bag of peanuts!

Vivian Howard's exceptional storytelling and recipes from the south can be found in her book, Deep Run Roots
Vivian Howard’s exceptional storytelling and recipes from the south can be found in her book, Deep Run Roots

Chef & The Farmer

Vivian Howard, owner and chef, is this year’s award winner of the James Beard Foundation Best Television Personality. A Chef’s Life is the only television series ever to win a Peabody, an Emmy and a James Beard Award. Her fifth season begins on PBS in September. Her restaurant and her book, Deep Run Roots, is the recipient of many awards. Located in Kinston, Vivian and her husband, Ben, came home to North Carolina to be close to family. Her original plan was to become a journalist. Food became her passion after working at a few restaurants in New York City.

Vivian with the Travel Channel's Andrew Zimmern
Vivian with the Travel Channel’s Andrew Zimmern

With her father’s encouragement (the farmer in the restaurant’s name), they opened Kinston’s first fine dining restaurant, the only one in a 100-mile radius. Travelers have made Chef & The Farmer a destination dining spot and now come from all over the nation to taste the southern ingredients she so carefully prepares. Continue reading →

Fitness in Many Forms

Because one size does not fit all, our fitness team has multiple ways for you to stay in shape, keep your body moving and strengthen your core. Have you asked a Trainer, checked the Pathways monthly calendar or visited the Wellness Center lately?

Kari Richie, Springmoor Wellness Center Director
Kari Richie, Springmoor Wellness Center Director

Kari Richie, Springmoor’s Wellness Center Director, is quick to say that the best exercise is the one that you will do. No one machine or one class is the best. The perfect exercise is the one that keeps you motivated and on a routine schedule. Some prefer swimming laps. Others prefer a walk in the park. Some prefer to exercise with the instructors on our Springmoor TV channel in their living room. Some like to exercise in a group setting while others prefer a jog on the elliptical trainer in the Wellness Center. Which one is right for you?

Ask A Trainer

Our Wellness Center staff meets with new residents when they move-in to Springmoor introducing them to the equipment room, explaining the class schedule and finding ways to fit their personal needs. A trainer is also available to work with each resident for a few days or a few months, depending on their requests.

The Wellness Center has equipment for many fitness styles
The Wellness Center has equipment for many fitness styles

Physical, Speech and Occupational Therapy

Springmoor has multiple therapists available for their residents. If you have recently had a knee replacement or other surgery and need a few months of rehab, our staff is here to help. The therapist teams work in their training room with special equipment directly after your surgery. They will slowly introduce you to the Wellness Center for follow-up care as you progress. At this point our fitness staff takes over and gets you back to your normal routines.

Greenway Walks

The Capital Area Greenway System in Raleigh provides 112 miles of trails for walking, jogging, hiking, bird watching, fishing and picnicking. Monthly, a group of Springmoor residents can be found on a trail. Kari has planned a Spring Kick-Off Event at Pullen Park in March. The group is invited for a picnic lunch, a ride on the carousel and a walk around the 66-acre park adjacent to the North Carolina State University campus. Blue Jay Point, a favorite Raleigh destination, offers a perfect place for bird watching on Falls Lake, a hike on the wooded trails and an informative tour of the Environmental Education Center.

Springmoor Annual Health Fair
Springmoor Annual Health Fair

Health Seminars

Each month, Kari offers a seminar with experts from the area. Discussions on Nutrition for Better Health with our Dieticians, Healthy Skin Awareness with our Dermatologist, an Introduction to Flexibility Exercises with our Wellness Staff or a Blood Pressure Check and Balance Assessment are just a few of the many offerings she plans for our residents.

Last month, Kari introduced a Balance and Fall Prevention seminar. The overwhelming response has her planning a second follow-up presentation with several area experts.

There are multiple risk factors involved in falls. Making residents aware of these factors can greatly decrease the number of falls. Muscle weakness, medications, blood pressure, dim lighting and uneven surfaces can all cause a fall. Our team can help take away some of these risk factors and then put you on a path to increasing your muscle strength. Core strengthening and balance classes, yoga, tai chi and aquatic classes can all help build muscle and bone strength.

Putting on the Green provides a morning of friendly competition between neighbors
Putting on the Green provides a morning of friendly competition between neighbors

Outdoor Games

If an exercise class or swimming laps is not your style, then perhaps a round of Putting or Croquet. Ping-Pong will have you up and moving around too. The residents organize weekly events for these sports. The competition is lively and the laughter never ends. The hole in one competition is fierce and the backhands and slices at the Ping-Pong table are wicked. Training for the Senior Games has a few residents keeping the games competitive.

Springmoor Residents, Harriet Ross and Marlene Lambeth were part of the Autism Team Walk
Springmoor Residents, Harriet Ross and Marlene Lambeth were part of the Autism Team Walk

Charity Runs

For our walkers, joggers and runners, Raleigh has quite a few 5K and 10K community walks. The Jingle Bell Run, Autism, Parkinson’s and Arthritis Walks have all seen a group of Springmoor residents and staff participating.

The Wellness Center wants to keep you fit. One size does not fit all so choose your style or try a few. Mix it up. Stay active. Keep moving! Find a neighbor and enjoy all that Raleigh has to offer or stick closer to home and jump in the pool for water volleyball. You will certainly feel better afterwards!

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Rise AGAINST HUNGER: By The Numbers

Our RISE AGAINST HUNGER was a huge success this year! Thank you to the many volunteers that gave their time and talents to make it such a wonderful day.

How many meals were packaged during our Rise event on Tuesday?

51,192 meals were packaged

How long did it take to package the meals?

Less than 6 Hours (record time!) and lots of dedicated volunteers

What was the total donated to purchase the meals?

$29,400 was donated to cover our 50,000-meal event plus enough to help Rise host another 51,372-meal upcoming event.

How many people participated today?

150+ Springmoor Residents and Staff volunteered for the event

How many students came to help?

28 Middle School Students (6th – 8th Grade) and 4 Teachers from The Montessori School of Raleigh came to help. They are students of a former Springmoor employee who loves to participate.

How many Fire Fighters came to help?

5 City of Raleigh Firemen helped haul the boxes and bags to refill the buckets with the dehydrated meal ingredients – rice, soy, vegetables, and 23 essential vitamins and minerals.

How many families came to help?

This was the big story of the day! We were thrilled to have the Residents invite their family members come and help package meals.

Libby Woods brought her son Paul.

Betty Duke was joined by her son Kent.

DG Harwood and his two daughters, Sheron and Lynn helped package meals.

Robin Wright brought her whole family plus a few extras – Scott, Spencer, Stephanie and two of their friends!

Edna Hicks was joined by her daughter, Lauren, and a friend.

Robin Hardison brought her daughter, Chadisey.

Jim and Shirley Overcash were joined by their daughter, Donna.

Kelli Sullivan’s husband, Joe came to help unload the truck.

How many years has Springmoor been doing this event?

This was our 7th year hosting a meal-packing event.

How many total meals has Springmoor packed during these events?

The Springmoor community has now packaged over 300,000 meals

RISE numbers Continue reading →

A Storyteller, Teacher and Writer

Julia and Earl McCullers, a Storyteller and a Veteran

The Storyteller

Julia McCullers grew up in a family where storytelling was a valued tradition. As a child during World War II, she observed how profoundly everyone was affected when her grandparents’ five sons and two sons-in-law were whisked away to serve in the armed forces around the world. As a mature woman she wrote about those difficult war years in a memoir she called “News from the Homefront.”

After Julia’s Veterans Day reading of that story here at Springmoor, the buzz in the hallways reflected awe and admiration for her skill as a storyteller:

Julia sets the stage

She sets the stage both literally and figuratively. Surrounded with memorabilia behind her on the stage, she paints such beautiful pictures with her words. With the old radio, the photos and flags encircling her, the stories she tells will bring you to tears. – Peg Bedini, Springmoor Resident Association President

That event was not the first time Julia had captured a Springmoor audience with a story based on personal history. A year ago, in a presentation called “Almost Armageddon,” she told of her experiences as a young Navy wife who was living on the U.S. Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay during the tense days of the Cuban Missile Crisis. She and other wives and children were swiftly evacuated from the base on very short notice, forced to leave behind their husbands and their homes and to face a world where nuclear war seemed imminent.

Julia McCullers lived these stories; they make history come alive.

One of Julia’s uncles featured in her memoir, News from the Homefront

The Teacher

Julia is also a teacher. She and her three daughters, as the family of Earl McCullers, whose career in the Navy spanned 28 years, were transferred from coast to coast and from one duty station to another. As they moved around, she continued her passion for words by teaching English in situations that included a North Georgia high school, a girls’ private prep school, an overseas school for military dependents, two community colleges and three universities. Looking back over her long career, she says that her beloved high school English teacher, Mrs. A. G. Glenn, probably inspired her to become an educator. She and Earl, who were high school classmates, both give Mrs. Glenn credit for their love of the written word.

Never Far From Home, a collection of columns from the Smithfield Herald

The Writer

For many years, Julia wrote a column for the Smithfield Herald. A collection of these columns, titled Never Far From Home, was published in 1998. In 2005, she and fellow Smithfield High School alumna, Ann Huckenbeck (a retired vice president of the University of Connecticut), realized that the history of their old school was in danger of being lost. The building, more than a century old, was to undergo drastic changes that threatened to erase any evidence of a proud school that had educated many successful North Carolinians. After a hyper-active Alumni Association formed, the members lobbied the Johnston County Board of Education to rename the building in honor of Principal A. G. Glenn, who had shaped many lives during his long tenure. At their urging, space was set aside for a small museum, and, over a period of three years of intense effort, memorabilia and displays turned the revamped building into a site that now handsomely houses the Johnston County Board of Education and hosts special events and meetings. Julia realized that she had enough material to write a book about the old school, and it was published in 2007. A History of Smithfield, NC High School 1903-1969: A small town, a good school, was sold to underwrite a dedication ceremony for the A. G. Glenn Building – a 2008 event that attracted more than 650 alumni and friends.

A History of Smithfiled, NC High School written for the dedication of the A.G. Glenn Building

Here at Springmoor, Julia is putting the final touches on another book. And she is enjoying writing with the Springmoor Writer’s Group facilitated by Dr. James Clark, NC State’s English Professor Emeritus. The group gathers monthly to read their latest stories. Some write about family history and add a new chapter each time, while others write about a recent event. She loves the opportunity to laugh and listen with her fellow writers.

The Future

If you haven’t met Julia yet, you will certainly want to watch for her next speaking engagement on the events calendar. Be sure to ask her what she is reading too. An avid fan of the library, she can always recommend another great read. Thank You for Being Late by Thomas L. Friedman has her attention for the moment. It deals with the increasing rapidity of change in our world and with human inability to adapt at the same pace. She readily admits that she often seeks the advice of her six grandchildren – especially regarding technology. She laughs when she thinks of how unlikely it is that her own grandparents would have asked her for advice on how to manage their slow-to-change farm. Continue reading →

Introducing the New Meraki Arts Studio

Our new Meraki Studio
Our new Meraki Arts Studio

Meraki (may-rah-kee)

verb or adverb (from the Turkish “Merak”)

  1. labor of love; done with pleasure
  2. applied to tasks, usually creative or artistic
    Leaving a little piece of yourself (your soul, creativity or love) in your work. When you love doing something, anything, so much that you put something of   yourself into it.

Springmoor’s new Meraki Arts Studio opened this weekend. Our residents had the opportunity to meet the artists who will be teaching in the studio. Fall classes will include glass fusing, acrylic painting, fabric dying, charcoal drawing, calligraphy, zentangle arts and so much more. Each artist will bring something new to the studio.

New additions to the studio - personal lockers and a fused glass kiln
New additions to the studio – personal lockers and a fused glass kiln

Our newly renovated space includes larger tables and work spaces. Lockers have been added to store personal supplies. New flooring, chairs and cabinetry have been added too. A glass kiln was purchased for many of the classes that artist Linda Martin will teach at Springmoor. A sewing machine for fabric classes will be installed next month.

Fused glass kiln with before and after sun-catchers

Class sizes depend on each artist. There is enough space for thirty to participate in a project but often not enough time for each instructor to help with a large crowd. Scheduling the classes on multiple days will certainly allow for everyone to experiment with their own creativity and have one-on-one time with the artist. We have night-owl classes, Saturday classes and early afternoon studio times on the calendar.

This fall we welcome a few of our favorite artists back as well as a few new faces to the Meraki Arts Studio. Gretchen Phillips, mixed media, Tony Midyette, acrylic painting and Linda Martin, fused glass instructor, have many dates on the Springmoor arts calendar. New instructor, Marcelle Hooks, a portrait artist, will also be joining our creative fall schedule. There are other artists in the works, so stay tuned!

Gretchen Phillips
Gretchen Phillips

Gretchen – Jewelry & Silk Screen

Gretchen Phillips likes to “dabble in different art forms.” Her current interests are in jewelry making, silk screening, and acrylic painting. Her background in print making and drawing gives her a wide range of abilities and class ideas. She has taught in the public school system, for the parks and recreation departments, at Artspace and Pinot’s Palette. Her wide smile and enthusiasm make each class exciting. The Springmoor residents participated in several paper projects and silk scarf dying classes this summer.

Linda Martin
Linda Martin

Linda – Fused Glass

Linda Martin has been teaching fused glass classes the past few months much to our residents’ delight! They have tried their hand at decorative glass bowls, jewelry pendants and bracelets, houseplant sun catchers and holiday ornaments. The new glass kiln in the studio brings a wonderful new media to the art offerings. Her work will be on exhibit in the Meraki Gallery during the month of October.

Linda works out of her home studio blowing and fusing glass. She teaches for the City of Raleigh, the Town of Cary and the Town of Wake Forest. She uses both a glass kiln and a torch to create her pieces. She paints with glass enamels, transfers images to glass using screen prints and stamps. She finishes her projects with glass saws, belt sanders and an assortment of other manual tools. Her pieces are the talk of the community! The staff at Springmoor has requested classes also after seeing the beautiful pieces that the residents have made.

Tommy Midyette
Tommy Midyette

Tommy – Acrylic Paint

Tommy Midyette has been teaching painting classes at Springmoor for several years. Earning a graphic design degree from NC State, he pursues his art in acrylics, oil, pastels, charcoals, colored pencil and pen and ink. He brings with him a great teaching style and very creative canvas ideas. Tommy also offers fun Wine & Design classes for resident groups. His three-hour painting classes include landscapes, animals and still-life objects. He brings the supplies and you bring the creativity.

Marcelle Hooks
Marcelle Hooks

Marcelle – Pen and Ink

New to Springmoor, Marcelle Hooks, a classical oil figure and portraiture artist, joins us this fall. She has been teaching in the Raleigh area for more than twenty years at her private home studio as well as Wake Tech Community College, the Cary Arts Center, Cape Fear Community College and other South Carolina and Virginia galleries. We look forward to welcoming her to the new studio in October.


Springmoor resident, Linda Jones at NC Museum of Natural Sciences’ Art Gallery

Linda – Colored Pencils

Our community is filled with artists – those that have had private showings and those that just like to dabble. Linda Jones, a Springmoor resident, recently presented her artwork at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences’ Nature Art Gallery. “Using my own photographs, I paint with colored pencil to capture this natural beauty as realistically as possible. The majority of my subjects have been found in North Carolina, many in my Raleigh neighborhood.”

Kathy and Dick – Watercolor and Stones

Springmoor resident, Kathy Canary, has beautiful watercolor paintings throughout her house that she painted while living in Tennessee, Florida and now her new home in Raleigh. Retired NC State professor, Dick Volk, first tried his hand at stone cutting machine while he was pursuing his college degree. Throughout his time at NC State, he was not only a teacher but also a student taking classes in silver working and stone cutting. Now in his retirement you can find him designing jewelry, working with precious metals and stones in the Meraki studio.

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