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A Unique Service for Our Extended Family

In case of an emergency

A mother with her toddler son, a husband with his young wife, a daughter with her frail father – they sit in the emergency room waiting with fear of the unknown. Once ushered back to a room, multiple doctors, nurses and technicians come in to ask questions, take them for tests and administer medications. Waiting for the answer can take hours. Waiting for the pain to subside is difficult. Having a family member or friend with you makes all of this a little easier.

At Springmoor, we are all family. If a resident needs to go to the Emergency Room for a fall, for shortness of breath or any other need, we will go too! A family member is always called first. However, often the family lives out of town or even out of state. Perhaps they are traveling on business or even tied up in a meeting. If they can’t go with their family member, we will.

There are ten administrative staff members that rotate a pager through the business week. A Stewart Health Center employee carries it during the evening hours and the Springmoor Senior Staff carries the pager on the weekends. There is always an extended family member here for our residents.

UNC Rex Healthcare – Raleigh

Feeling Connected

An administrative staff member writes, “Our primary goal is to make sure our residents feel connected to us and do not feel alone. One of the best feelings I have when accompanying them is the gratitude they show and the feeling that I am able to help during a time of distress. One of my most recent experiences is with a resident who had no family locally or even in the state. When I arrived at the Emergency Room, I introduced myself. The resident smiled and said thank you for coming. I then asked her if she needed me to stay or if she felt okay by herself. She asked that I stay a little while until she knew what was happening. While she was being assisted, she periodically looked at me and smiled. Once, when I stepped out of the room, I heard her ask, “Where did my lady go?” She seemed relieved when they told her I was still there but standing outside the door, waiting to come back in. When I returned, she looked at me again and smiled. The look of relief and peace on her face was priceless. Although she never really said anything to me while she was there, her expression and smile was all I needed.”

Duke Raleigh Hospital

A Friend

From another staff member: “I have been many times to the ER with residents. The first question asked of me is usually from a nurse, ‘Are you a family member?’ When I reply, ‘No, I’m just a friend. I am from Springmoor.’ Their response is always one of surprise and appreciation.

While waiting for doctors and tests results, the resident often wants to call their family. I have offered my phone or even taken notes from the nurse to ask the family. I have been there to fluff a pillow, raise the bed, get water or call for a bedpan. Laying on stretcher in the ER can be a stressful experience for anyone. Being in pain makes this even more difficult. Having a friend eases the burden. I have heard numerous stories about resident’s children, their family, their travels, their childhood homes and so much more. These stories warm my heart. We may not have even known each other when I arrive but afterwards, I feel like I have a new parent, a new friend. This time together has always felt like we both were given a special gift.

Wake Med Health & Hospital

Patient Care

Our Chaplains visit residents in the hospital on a daily basis. Robin says of this unique service, “One of the many remarkable things that makes Springmoor stand out from other retirement communities is its staff. Not only is the staff dedicated to their unified mission of making each day special and valuable for each resident, Springmoor employees have put in place extra steps to ensure resident satisfaction on every level. The emergency pager policy is one of these steps.

This seemingly small task is a huge gift. The staff person, carrying the pager, has to stop what they are doing and perhaps have others cover for them while they go to one of the several area hospitals. I have seen first hand, as a chaplain, how very important this service is for the resident who finds themselves unexpectedly in the Emergency Department. Sometimes they have only a short visit with a staff person, as a family member arrives quickly, or sometimes it can be a long day. We all know how slow time moves in the ER. This small gesture, of not being alone in the time when you feel the most vulnerable, is so appreciated by the residents, their families and the chaplains. These busy Springmoor employees help lend that comforting hand for your loved ones, when an emergency arises.” Continue reading →

Continuing Care

Springmoor offers many extras to our residents. From multiple dining options to an endless list of monthly activities, a state-of-the art exercise facility to a beautifully landscaped 42-acre campus nestled within a neighborhood. We provide care for our residents in many different ways. The Stewart Health Center has established an excellent reputation in our area and attracts many new residents for the care we offer.

On-site clinic at the Stewart Health Care Center
On-site clinic at the Stewart Health Care Center

The Clinic

Providing on-campus health care is a part of the many conveniences we offer our residents. The clinic is staffed with a full time Physician or a Physician’s Assistant (and often both) every business day. On the weekends and at night an RN is always available. Other medical professionals: including a Podiatrist, a Dentist, an Optician, an Audiologist and a Psychologist make monthly visits to our clinic. Scheduling an appointment with one of them makes the trip to the doctor only a short walk away. You then have more time to spend doing the fun things on your calendar.

If you prefer to continue your care with your own doctors, we also provide transportation to your appointments. Scheduling a ride to your next visit is as easy as a phone call away. With the Durham VA Medical Center, Duke Health and UNC Health Care systems all located in the area, visits to see your specialist are simple. We are happy to consult with your doctors when you have questions or about your health care.

Lesley Smith, Director of Nursing
Lesley Smith, Director of Nursing

The Stewart Health Center

The Stewart Health Center and our nursing staff are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Lesley Smith, our Director of Nursing, says there is a care team for each resident. These teams each have a social worker, dietician, activities director, nurse and a coordinator. They meet weekly with each other and monthly with family members to help provide the best care possible for our residents.

Our short-term care in the Health Center makes it easy for you to be almost home with friends and family close by. Visiting friends or a spouse in the Health Center is easier too, just walk down the hall or a ride across the street.

Physical Therapy in the Pathways Wellness Center
Physical Therapy in the Pathways Wellness Center

The Therapists

If you need rehabilitative care after a small procedure or a surgery, we can get you back on your feet with our Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists. They offer a wide range of care as you recover, helping you to resume your busy Springmoor schedule quickly. Therapy happens in our well-equipped therapy center, the pool or even your own home at Springmoor. Continue reading →

The Perfect Community for Retirement

A view from the Springmoor Retirement Community
A view from the Springmoor Retirement Community

Why choose the city of Raleigh for your Retirement Community?

Start with a list of things that are important for your retirement activities.


A view from Blowing Rock
A view from Blowing Rock

Do you prefer four seasons a year?

Raleigh is the place to be with all four seasons, sometimes even in the same week! Anyone from Florida or New York will be happy to tell you about the mild temperatures they enjoyed while visiting North Carolina. Raleigh, located in the middle of the state, has average spring temperatures between 60°-80°F. Fall temperatures are in the mid-70s. Winters are mild and wet, with highs ranging from the mid 40s-50s °F. Summers are typically hot with highs in the upper 80s-90s °F. And for those who like to see a little snow, we have that too! Typically six inches falls across the area. Just enough to give us a beautiful white coating that goes away quickly.

A view from South Port

Do you prefer outdoor activities?

Raleigh’s temperatures plus its central location in the state make it conducive to great outdoor activities. Our retirement community is only a half-day’s drive west to the Appalachian Mountains. Enjoy Mount Airy, Blowing Rock, or the artsy town of Asheville for a beautiful scenic weekend. Hop in the car and travel a few hours east and the ocean will be splashing on your toes! Wrightsville Beach, South Port, and Beaufort are all wonderful places to enjoy a walk in the sand, a seafood dinner and a gorgeous sunset.

A view from the stage with The North Carolina Symphony
A view from the stage with The North Carolina Symphony

Are cultural activities high on your retirement list?

Raleigh is home to The North Carolina Symphony, The Carolina Ballet, The North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh Little Theatre and so much more. From science to history museums, the Capital City has so much to offer your family. There are bluegrass festivals in the fall, arts festivals in the spring, and food-truck rodeos in the summer. Outdoor concerts are offered at the Red Hat Amphitheater and indoor concert at the PNC arena.

A view from the James B. Hunt Library at NCSU
A view from the James B. Hunt Library at NCSU

Are continuing education classes and college sports important parts of your retirement?

The Triangle is home to North Carolina State University in Raleigh, Duke University in Durham and The University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. Springmoor residents enjoy a variety of Osher Lifelong Learning classes at NC State’s McKimmon Center. Besides the continuing education, all of our schools offer a wide selection of travel groups, musical events and theatre productions. The college rivalry among the residents is in full swing, especially during March Madness!

A view from the ballpark with the Durham Bulls
A view from the ballpark with the Durham Bulls

Are professional sporting events important too?

The Carolina Hurricanes hockey team and the Durham Bulls baseball team are part of The Triangle’s competitive events too. Soccer clubs, tennis teams and golf tournaments are also on the list of sports activities. Pinehurst, host to the state’s best golf courses and recent US Open competitions, is located only an hour away. Continue reading →

Senior Housing with Style

Enjoying a walk around Springmoor
Enjoying a walk around Springmoor

The little things in life that make you comfortable are Springmoor’s specialty! Our residents enjoy senior housing with style. The long list of amenities makes it a wonderful place to live!

A great place for a bike ride too
A great place for a bike ride too

The Grounds

Living in style has never been easier when you choose Springmoor. Beginning with the surrounding neighborhoods, the developers carefully planned the beautiful community with a respect for nature. With rolling hills and lush greenery, the outdoor space is perfect for walking and gardening. Whether visiting with friends or participating in an outdoor activity, the beauty surrounds you on our 42-acre campus. Gardening is easy too as there are individual areas in the community garden for planting vegetables and flowers throughout the spring and summer.

Our residents enjoy cardio and weight-training.
Our residents enjoy cardio and weight-training.

The Wellness Center

The Pathways Wellness Center is our most popular amenity. Built only 2 years ago, it is equipped with all of the newest exercise equipment, a sauna, hot tub, and a heated saltwater lap pool. The center stays busy from early morning with water aerobics to late evening with treadmill, weights and elliptical enthusiasts. We offer 42 classes each week in both exercise facilities on campus.

Croquet anyone?
Croquet anyone?

Courts and Greens

Prefer to play outside? The croquet players have a lively competition each Saturday, as does the group that putts on the Springmoor Green several times a week. There are horseshoes and shuffleboard courts too. Ping-Pong and billiards can be found in several indoor locations around the campus. The residents plan and coordinate many sporting events, some arranged weekly and others organized when friends and family are visiting. What grandchild wouldn’t want to come and play a little game of pool or water volleyball while visiting your new home? Of course, golf and tennis facilities are located only minutes from our campus. Wildwood Greens and Greystone Swim and Tennis Club welcome our residents too. Continue reading →

Check out the Library!

Newest Additions
Newest Additions

On these cold winter days (well, the expected cold winter days), a good book and a cup of hot tea are the perfect way to spend the afternoon. Visit the Springmoor’s library to pick up a book or two to enjoy during these colder months. It is filled with biographies, travel books, best sellers and so much more. Large print, audio books, and ebooks are available too, so the titles are endless.

At last count, the Springmoor library houses just over 6,000 books, and the collection continues to grow each year. With the library’s yearly budget, Winnie Apperson, Springmoor resident and Chairman of the Library Committee, and the committee purchase books and update the best-seller collections. If there is an author or a special speaker visiting the campus, books are purchased in advance so that everyone can read up on the subject prior to the speaker’s visit. Springmoor was happy to welcome authors Margaret Marion and Charles Frazier this past fall.

But the Springmoor Library isn’t just for picking out a good book. It’s also a central place for writing workshops, book clubs, lectures, and much more.

New titles for your winter reading list
New titles for your winter reading list


There are 40 active volunteers that staff the library. They each work a morning or afternoon shift, and can be found helping other residents find titles they are looking for.

Springmoor’s library began in 1984 with a collection of books on loan from the Wake County Library. This loan was in place until generous donations and a yearly budget led to a large book collection of our own. If duplicate books are received through donations, the second copy is quickly sent to the South Village Reading Room.

Writer's Club Workshop biographies
Writer’s Club Workshop biographies


Dr. James Clark, Emeritus Professor from NCSU, teaches a Writer’s Club workshop quarterly, and has helped many of our residents write their biographies. Several residents have compiled their poetry into a book with his assistance. Our writing workshop leaders are always eager to have new members join this active group of people who love the art of writing. Continue reading →

Frequently Asked Questions

Croquet anyone?
Croquet anyone?

As you think about the upcoming New Year, consider whether or not a move to a continuing care retirement community may be in your future. This week, we will help answer your questions about them, to make the decision even easier!

What is Springmoor?

Springmoor is a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) that includes independent living residences for active seniors, plus the option to reside in the Supportive Living Center or the Stewart Health Center (licensed assisted living with skilled nursing services).

Springmoor is a not-for-profit community that offers a lifestyle rich in intellectual, cultural, educational, and spiritual opportunities. On and off-campus programs and events are provided for all residents.

Is Springmoor accredited?

Yes, Springmoor holds the national accreditation of the Continuing Care Accreditation Commission.

Springmoor options include  houses, villas, apartments and alcoves
Springmoor options include houses, villas, apartments and alcoves

How big is the Springmoor campus?

Springmoor is located on a 42-acre campus with almost 400 independent living apartments and 19 distinctive floor plans to choose from. Our variety of options includes everything from alcove apartments, to multi-bedroom, single-family homes that feature a den and a one-car garage. Continue reading →