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Can You Remember the Last Time You Took a Week Off? Prioritizing Employee Well-Being Benefits the Entire Springmoor Community

By Brandon Hair, Executive Director

With employee turnover rates in the healthcare industry continuing to rise, companies must continue to be creative with their ongoing recruitment and retention efforts. Executive-level positions, dining services, housekeeping, marketing, and therapy had a 29% turnover rate last year. Direct care staff such as nurses and CNAs continue to have the highest turnover rate at 48%.

As a major component of our efforts to recruit and retain the best possible staff, Springmoor prioritizes employee well-being in a variety of ways. This focus on supporting our team members is one of the primary benefits we offer.

As you know, employee well-being includes many factors, such as workload, healthcare benefits, the various aspects of the work environment, and personal mental health assistance. A recent article in the Triangle Business Journal surveyed job seekers regarding the top factor they look for in a job. Eight out of 10 people said it was employee benefits. One of the most popular benefits for many employees, including myself, is vacation time.

At Springmoor, employees can accrue up to six weeks of vacation within one year. Few people reach that amount, as it takes a long time to accrue. Vacation benefits became a more popular benefit as the millennial population joined the workforce. Studies show that vacation and working remotely are more important to them than pay and health insurance.

I was lucky enough to take a one-week vacation this past summer to celebrate my 16th wedding anniversary. I had not taken an entire week of vacation in more than three years. It was one of the best times of my life and was truly needed for both my wife and myself.

A week’s vacation from work is much different from the long weekend I usually take when scheduling some time off. I had forgotten how relaxing an entire week off could be. I did not look at my email the whole time, and I did not watch TV or even listen to the radio. The week was spent just living in the moment and taking in all our wonderful experiences.

I could not help but think the entire time we were on vacation that I felt like a Springmoor resident. We were served meals daily, had housekeeping when needed, called maintenance when our refrigerator was not cooling, were provided with transportation to events, and took advantage of the pool, hot tub, and free coffee. It was a real treat to be provided with all these services that we offer to residents each day at Springmoor.

As much as I love helping and serving others, it was a wonderful experience to be on the receiving end. My wife and I could see how much the staff of the hotels, restaurants, transportation services, and events wanted to ensure we were satisfied and having a good time.

After our vacation, I felt more motivated and had more positive energy than I had experienced in a long time. I was excited to get back to campus to try to create a better work environment for all of our employees. Providing our team members with the best benefits we can offer helps ensure that they in turn offer the highest quality services possible to each Springmoor resident.

I interact daily with all of the department managers, and I reminded all of them to take a week’s vacation this year. I believe the best thing anyone can do for their well-being is to take a relaxing vacation with friends or family. I try to lead by example and plan to do this each year moving forward. I will make a point to ensure that all of my staff do this as well.

Perhaps the millennials are onto something. Not only do they want meaningful jobs that make a difference in the life of others, but they also realize the importance of taking care of themselves.

I am glad that taking a vacation is now viewed much more positively by employers, and I am grateful for the increased awareness of the importance of self-care in today’s world.

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