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Why We Picked Springmoor From All the Retirement Communities in Raleigh, NC

How a nationwide search led Ellen and Michael to Springmoor

For the past 15 years and until this past June, Ellen and Michael Rogers lived in Eugene, OR, home of the University of Oregon. When Ellen retired from her work at the university, the pair moved across the country to Springmoor – a move that was years in the making.
A few years ago, the two decided that when the time came, they wanted to relocate to a CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community), and Eugene had none. So, Michael embarked on a nationwide digital search for the perfect place to retire, and it had to be a CCRC. The pair eliminated a few regions right away – the cost of California, the cold of the Northeast, the heat of the deep South, the crowds of major cities – and then discovered that the Raleigh, NC area was home to several CCRCs. After looking into Raleigh further, they made their choice on a general location as a start.

Michael and Ellen Rogers chose Springmoor out of all the retirement communities in Raleigh, NCRejoicing upon discovering Raleigh

“Raleigh is a good size town,” Michael said. “The size of the area plus surrounding cities like Durham, Chapel Hill and Cary make the region feel like a large metro area, but it doesn’t feel like you’re living in a crowded city.”
The Raleigh region also appealed to the Rogers because of its proximity to some of the nation’s best universities: Duke University, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University, among others.
“We were interested in being near college towns because they bring so much to the area – lectures, sports, great libraries and top-notch healthcare and research,” Michael said. “I was a college professor, so I really like university settings.”

Putting Springmoor to the test . . . and it passed

In early 2016, Michael decided to make the trip to Raleigh to visit five CCRCs that he and Ellen were considering, specifically communities that met their criteria for amenities, cost and lifestyle. Over the course of about a week, Michael took tours at all five communities and “auditioned” each community to determine the best fit. Michael explained that Springmoor had all the features that he and Ellen wanted, and compared to the other Raleigh-area CCRCs, Springmoor came out on top.
“At Springmoor, there’s just a feel to it,” Michael said. “It’s hard to explain but the atmosphere is very welcoming, and the campus is like living in a park. It has a sanctuary-like feeling to it. Also, there’s ready access to everything right here on campus.”

Peace of mind in a home that’s “just what we wanted”

Ellen and Michael chose to live in a CCRC because while they’re still highly independent, they want to be sure their future health needs will be met, and their families won’t have to worry about them.
“My grandparents and other relatives lived in CCRCs,” Ellen said. “Their choice to live in a CCRC made it so easy for our family and provided them with a high quality of life. We don’t want to be a burden to our children, and we certainly don’t want them to worry about us from across the country in Oregon. Being at Springmoor, and having everything taken care of, gives everyone peace of mind.”
With their secure future ahead, the Rogers can fully enjoy every day at Springmoor, which includes their customized home. Michael and Ellen have a one-bedroom apartment, and they selected some custom design touches before they made the move: paint, flooring, countertops, cabinets and appliances.
Ellen explained the process, “This past March, we made a trip to Springmoor to choose our fixtures and furnishings. Then, they got to work and made our home ready for when we made the move in June. When we arrived, it was all done and just what we wanted.”
Now that they’ve been settled into their new home at Springmoor for a few months, Michael and Ellen can dive into what brought them to Springmoor in the first place. They like to go shopping and take walks off campus, and the area destinations make all of that a breeze. On campus, Ellen has explored many of the fitness classes (including the unique “Aquabata” class), while Michael enjoys strolling the park-like setting and relishes the Mid-Atlantic climate.
After their nationwide search and cross-country move, Ellen and Michael, who are both career pros in academia, know that Springmoor made the grade. We’d say that they aced their choice.
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