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Why you should look beyond 55+ communities in Raleigh, NC

Many individuals of a certain age begin to research 55+ communities, which are also known as “active adult communities” or “independent living communities.” We believe that you need to look beyond 55+ communities in Raleigh, NC.
Many different 55+ communities are in the area, and their quality can vary a great deal. Many offer a cluster of amenities, but they can’t provide tenants with the same peace of mind that residents of Springmoor enjoy.
Like many 55+ communities in Raleigh, NC, the active and independent lifestyle at Springmoor offers you many advantages over staying in a house that no longer suits your needs. You can enjoy amenities like an indoor heated pool, exquisite dining and fun activities that are all a brief walk from your villa or apartment door. Getting together with friends to enjoy golf or a couple of hands of bridge is easy with so many like-minded neighbors nearby.
One key ingredient missing at 55+ communities—but found at Springmoor—is a full range of healthcare services.
“At a community that solely offers independent living, medical services are rarely offered,” writes David L. Reibstein at “While this kind of community may have a health center on campus, the services offered are likely limited and unavailable 24/7.”
It would be hard to overstate this point. Residents at 55+ communities may find the lifestyle suits them at the moment, but if their health needs change, they can be confronted with the stressful task of finding an appropriate healthcare provider and moving to a new home—all at a time when they feel the most vulnerable.
If the person is single, he or she may be tasked with trying to find someone to help share this burden. But couples face their own challenge: if one person needs a higher level of care, that person may have to live (temporarily or permanently) in a new location … at exactly the time he or she would most want his or her spouse to be close at hand.
“CCRCs give seniors the added benefit of remaining in one place throughout their retirement years, even if they require new or changing care services,” David points out. “Residents and their families have more peace of mind knowing that their needs can be met at the community they know and love. While some medical support is available through home care services, independent living communities cannot offer such a full range of care services.”
In a recent article at, Brad Breeding echoes this thought. “Many residents of CCRCs say they find great peace of mind living someplace that makes available the types of services they may eventually require — often describing it as a gift to their children who may otherwise shoulder a heavy caregiver burden,” he notes.
When you look beyond 55+ communities in Raleigh, NC, you’ll find Springmoor. At Springmoor, you can enjoy an active lifestyle today knowing that these important health services are close by if you need them. You can relax knowing you’ll never have to face the situation alone if your health needs change.
Experienced staff are right at hand to help if you need to move to a different level of care. The community’s Stewart Health Center has earned a strong reputation for its rehabilitation, assisted living, skilled nursing and memory support care services.
But Springmoor offers another important advantage. At Springmoor, you’ll appreciate the many services and amenities that are designed to make it simple to live your healthiest. The comprehensive offerings at its Pathways to Wellness Center — including strength training, tai chi, and line dancing — make it easy and fun to stay active and fit.
To find out more about the benefits of living at Springmoor, call us today at 919-651-4844!



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