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An Ode to Lasting Love: Springmoor Residents Don and Jane Preiss

Don and Jane on their wedding day.

Don and Jane on their wedding day.

No matter where they travel, Don and Jane Preiss always have each other, from the west cost to the east coast and back again. In their 65 years of marriage, they have traveled far and relocated several times, so moving to Springmoor Life Care Retirement Community was simply the next step in their journey together.
“I fell in love with her the first time I saw her, and two children, five grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren later, I love her more than I ever did,” says Don.

They met in Jane’s hometown, Salem, Oregon where Don attended Willamette University. Several months after meeting at a University basketball game, Don asked Jane if she would marry him. Sure enough, Jane said yes and the two were wed on June 17, 1949.
When Don decided to earn his masters and PhD at the University of Delaware, they moved across the country for the first time where their first child was born. After his graduation, Jane yearned to move back to the west coast, so they moved once again to the San Francisco Bay area where they spent ten years and had their second child.
In 1965, Don and Jane made their final move to Raleigh, North Carolina where most of their family has settled near by. But settling down in one town hasn’t stopped them from traveling. Jane’s warmest memories are those in which she traveled with Don for work, and of their annual cross-country road trips after Don’s retirement.
But traveling long distances is not the Preiss’ only tradition. They also make a habit of daily morning walks, which they have been taking together for 27 years. Jane believes these morning walks act as the glue that keeps them so close, and is their ode to lasting love.
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