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Retiring in Raleigh, NC? Great idea!

With its Raleigh locale, Springmoor is nestled in one of the more economically vibrant areas of the U.S. As part of the famous Research Triangle, Raleigh has attracted people from across the country to study at the area’s outstanding universities (e.g., Duke, UNC Chapel Hill, NC State) or work for cutting-edge firms such as Red Hat.

With a plethora of seniors retiring in Raleigh, the region’s retirement virtues have prompted recognition from a variety of outlets. Continue reading →

Making the Most of Senior Living in Raleigh, NC

After 40 years in New Jersey, Emily Brown moved south to Raleigh, North Carolina. She had been living in Raleigh for 13 years when she decided to become a Springmoor resident in late 2017. One of the reasons she enjoys living at Springmoor is the multitude of amenities and activities offered in our community. Springmoor recently refurbished a space into the dedicated Meraki Arts Studio, and Emily has been taking advantage of the creative outlet the art studio provides.  Continue reading →

After Looking at All the Retirement Homes in Raleigh, NC, Springmoor Was an Easy Choice for The Robinsons

Having spent nearly four decades in the area, Martha and John Robinson certainly knew of most of the retirement homes in Raleigh, NC. When the Robinsons decided to make their move to a CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community), they didn’t hesitate in choosing Springmoor.

“We knew that Springmoor was one of the longest-established communities in the area,” John said. “We have had many friends living at Springmoor and had visited them many times, so we had a chance to become familiar with the community. We liked everything we saw, and of all the retirement homes in Raleigh, NC, Springmoor best suited our needs.” Continue reading →

Comparing Springmoor to 55 and Over Communities in Raleigh, NC

It’s no secret that Raleigh is a great place to retire. Considering that, the area often referred to as “The Triangle” (Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill) offers many options for those who have decided to make the move to a retirement community. The fact that there are so many senior living communities in the area, many of which are either a 55 and over or a CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community), means making your choice could be difficult. So, what are some key differences between a CCRC like Springmoor and the 55 and over communities in Raleigh? Continue reading →

Why We Picked Springmoor From All the Retirement Communities in Raleigh, NC

How a nationwide search led Ellen and Michael to Springmoor

For the past 15 years and until this past June, Ellen and Michael Rogers lived in Eugene, OR, home of the University of Oregon. When Ellen retired from her work at the university, the pair moved across the country to Springmoor – a move that was years in the making.

A few years ago, the two decided that when the time came, they wanted to relocate to a CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community), and Eugene had none. So, Michael embarked on a nationwide digital search for the perfect place to retire, and it had to be a CCRC. The pair eliminated a few regions right away – the cost of California, the cold of the Northeast, the heat of the deep South, the crowds of major cities – and then discovered that the Raleigh, NC area was home to several CCRCs. After looking into Raleigh further, they made their choice on a general location as a start. Continue reading →

Perks of Choosing a CCRC in North Carolina

When you plan for retirement, you have to consider many factors: services, amenities, residence options and the location — not just what is offered inside the community, but around the community. What’s nearby? Choosing a Continuing Care Retirement Community, or CCRC, in North Carolina comes with quite a few perks, including stunning geography, solid beneficial tax laws and weather that is more accommodating, while still providing the seasonal changes that many of us love. Continue reading →