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Care on Your Terms: Springmoor’s Stewart Health Center Begins Transition from Medical Model to Person-Centered Care

At Springmoor, continuing care means the freedom to make your own choices. With this in mind, we’re proud to announce that Stewart Health Center will be transitioning to a person-centered care model. Springmoor’s health center provides a full range of care that includes rehabilitation, assisted living, skilled nursing, and memory support care.

The concept of person-centered care has been around for 20 years. There are 1,000 communities worldwide that have implemented this model. “It’s taking a hospital style and rebuilding it as a neighborhood model,” says Springmoor’s Executive Director, Brandon Hair.

The person-centered model focuses on the individual and their specific needs and preferences. Residents have more freedom to direct their own activities, make their own decisions, and continue to lead meaningful, purpose-driven lives. 

This holistic approach honors the resident’s social, physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual well-being. Key to the model is a compassionate and carefully trained staff who respects and appreciate individual differences.

Residents, along with their families, are encouraged to take an active role in their own care and will continue to help inform and direct the transition process. “Early on, we had an advisory group of all the relevant folks, including residents, their families, and Springmoor staff,” explains Brandon. “We’ve systematically gathered substantial information regarding resident preferences.”

Springmoor staff is excited that the new model allows for more individualized care in a smaller, homelike setting. For example, meals will be served to residents in smaller groups of 15 (rather than 35). With a smaller group to care for, staff members will have the flexibility to honor each resident’s specific requests. 

Care Tailored to Your Needs and Wants

Person-centered care honors the individual. Our residents will enjoy the freedom to plan their own days. We accommodate night owls and early risers. “You’ll be able to get up, eat, shower, and participate in activities when you want to,” says Cary Corley, Stewart Health Center Administrator.

You’ll also enjoy the comfort of familiarity. Residents are cared for by the same staff members each day, which helps build strong interpersonal relationships. Residents with memory issues will especially appreciate being attended to by familiar faces. 

At Stewart Health Center you’ll be free to live on your own terms. You decide whether to visit a friend in another neighborhood, play a game, have a snack, or just sit and talk. Or you might choose to go shopping with a staff member, then come home and bake your famous banana bread with them.

Staff will also benefit from the changes. The person-centered care model allows staff to renew their commitment to their careers and form closer bonds with residents.

Brandon explains, “Taking care of a smaller number of people is both more efficient and more rewarding. Staff have more time for each person. Within a carefully constructed framework, our staff will be empowered to make more decisions regarding daily care.”

Residents will feel better about their environment, their communication with caregivers, and most importantly, about themselves. Staff will find it easier to interact with residents in smaller groups and get to know them as individuals.

Families will have peace of mind knowing their loved ones are receiving personalized care that allows them to set their own schedule. Residents will enjoy the warmth of being cared for by staff they know well and trust. 

A Change in Culture

Stewart Health Center will ultimately consist of seven neighborhoods. Nurses, certified nursing assistants, food service workers, and housekeepers will serve residents in their specific neighborhood. Cross-training will give staff the flexibility to perform a variety of tasks, as well as the knowledge base to interact confidently with residents. 

Creating a warm, inviting environment is central to the person-centered care approach. In addition to being tasteful and high-quality, the furnishings and accessories will be personalized. Resident areas will be renovated with a focus on coziness and accessibility. The entire unit will look and smell like home. 

Springmoor has contracted with Action Pact, a company recognized for developing and promoting the person-centered care model, to guide the transition. After initial training, Action Pact will continue to visit Springmoor two days every month to provide support and training refreshers for staff. 

Person-Centered Care in Action

At Stewart Health Center, you will experience the best care and all the comforts of home. The person-centered care model will make life at Springmoor an even more joyful experience, designed to accommodate your individual needs and desires. 

In mid-2020, Springmoor will begin the renovation of the administrative office that serves the health center residents, the clinic, and the physical and occupational therapy areas. A convenient in-house pharmacy will be added. We’ll continue to keep you updated on these exciting changes through our website and Facebook posts.

To speak with a member of our friendly team about person-centered care or any other aspect of making Springmoor home, simply click here or call 919-848-7080 today. We can’t wait to connect with you!



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