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Why the Holiday Season Is a Great Time to Plan a Move to Independent Living in Raleigh, NC

The holiday season is just around the corner, and with it comes the opportunity for quality time with your family and loved ones. Parents see their children while grandparents see their grandchildren – different generations and sides of the family intermingle to catch up and enjoy quality time together. And while these gatherings are great for reminiscing with loved ones, they are also an opportunity to look to the future. If you’re interested in independent living in Raleigh, NC, there is no better time than the holidays to discuss the move with your family.

Family discussing moving to independent living in Raleigh NC

Future plans 

Transitioning to independent living in Raleigh, NC, is not only a big decision for you, but also for your family. There are many facets of the decision to talk about with your loved ones and spouse. One facet is the financial aspect. What do your savings allow you to do? Which communities can you afford to join? Do you plan on selling your current house? While thinking about these questions and decisions, it may be helpful to know that moving to Springmoor, a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) in Raleigh, is not only a good financial decision, but also it makes the entire process simple and easy.

You also should consider your wants and preferences for independent living in Raleigh, NC. You want to live somewhere you love and within reach of people and places you value. Are there communities close enough to your family so you can visit each other regularly? What type of amenities do you seek? What kind of community culture do you value?

Then, of course, emotional factors are another facet. Discussing big life transitions with your family lets you communicate your feelings, excitement or anxieties. It also gives your family time to process and share their own feelings about a move with you. Last, but not least, you’ll need to discuss the logistics of downsizing.


Downsizing, otherwise known as “rightsizing,” can really be a big life upgrade. It gives you a chance to live more comfortably and with more control while having fewer responsibilities and less clutter. If you want to learn more about effective rightsizing, read this article for helpful tips. If you are interested in independent living in Raleigh, NC, Springmoor makes rightsizing a snap.

If you start the process around the holidays, your family can help you prioritize what you want to take with you in the move. With multiple loved ones helping you consider your decisions, organizing becomes a lot easier. Moreover, with your family members present, you can determine which ones want or need items (from memorabilia to furniture) that you are not taking with you. If you are hosting the holidays in your house, this is even easier!

Lastly, it’s easy to delegate responsibilities with the whole family in town. For example, you can ask one person to be “in charge” of furniture while another spearheads the collection of items to be donated to charity. Delegating helps take the pressure off you, and it ensures that all downsizing-related decisions are calculated and purposeful.

At the end of the day, transitioning to any independent living in Raleigh, NC, will take some effort and organization. The earlier you start preparing, the easier it will be on you and your loved ones. There’s no better time to get the ball rolling than when everyone is already gathered together. It can be a time for love, laughter and looking to the future.

If you’re looking into independent living in Raleigh, NC, you should consider Springmoor, a Life

Care Community in a beautiful location. If you want to learn more about “rightsizing,” our friendly team is here to help. Just call 919-651-4844 or click here for a free downsizing guide.



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