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Springmoor Makes Downsizing for Seniors a Snap!

You’ve spent decades in your house and from top to bottom, it’s filled with treasures—and well, stuff. With a household move in your future, you know that now is the time for downsizing and sifting through a lifetime of keepsakes, but the thought overwhelms you.

Beth Holden, Director of Sales and Marketing for Springmoor, explains that it’s important for seniors to be 100 percent in control of their move. “You want to avoid a crisis-driven move,” Beth explained. “When you start the rightsizing process early, you’re in control of what to keep.”

Conquer your move

With Springmoor’s move-in assistance program, you can breathe easy about your impending move. Twice a year, Springmoor offers rightsizing seminars to those who are waiting to secure their home or those interested in moving to Springmoor. During the seminar, move managers, who are experts in downsizing for seniors, offer tips about what you will and won’t need for your life ahead. “The participants start talking about the process and it becomes a reality for them,” Beth shared.

Springmoor’s full-service move management specialists help you sort, organize and transition belongings that are no longer useful to you. In addition, move managers provide a timeline and checklist of tasks to be completed, coordinate the packing and moving of your home, and unpack and set up your new home. “Every Springmoor resident who has used our move managers say they’re glad they did it,” Beth said.

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Additionally, Springmoor’s on-site move-in coordinator works with you from the time you reserve a home until you move in. “She is your liaison and one-stop-shop for a seamless move,” Beth said. The move-in coordinator helps you choose your new residence, create a scaled floor plan, select paint colors, add any customizations, provide progress updates and coordinate the connection of utilities. You can also use Springmoor’s handy floor planning tool to create a space plan based on your furniture and the size of your new home.

Downsizing for seniors

Beth warns that downsizing for seniors is a process—not a weekend task. Think months of planning versus weeks, and take the time to share your memories with your loved ones and enjoy the nostalgia.

Because senior move managers understand the specific challenges older adults face when making a major life change, like a move to a new home, they add value to the move process. While adult children have conflicting responsibilities and can’t devote the time needed for a smooth transition, move managers have a sensitivity to belongings that tell your life story. Move managers can also recommend consignment shops, estate sales and tax-deductible donations for items you no longer need. They even have a knack for recreating the personality of your current house into your new home or suggesting clever ways to cherish coveted collections.

Whether you decide to use Springmoor’s move management specialists or organize your own move, we’re here to ensure your move is the best experience possible. Contact us today at 919-651-4844 so we can help prepare you for a life at Springmoor with less worry and more fun.



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