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Making Melodies: Music at Springmoor

As you walk through the park-like Springmoor campus in Raleigh, NC, it’s likely you’ll hear music in the air. From the musical performances and music groups to church services and resident musicians, it’s no coincidence that there’s music all around!

The various benefits of practicing or simply enjoying music are why music is frequently incorporated into the engaging activities at CCRCs like Springmoor, and for two particular members of the community, music plays an especially important role in their lives.

Residents Mary Alice Hale and Marlene Lambeth both volunteer to play the piano during religious services at the community and are delighted to bring music to the community.

Music at Springmoor is bolstered by residents like Mary Alice Hale, who enjoy playing the piano for vespers.
“Playing music is satisfying to me. I just enjoy it. I can’t tell you exactly what it is about it,” Springmoor resident Mary Alice Hale, added. “Over the years, I’ve enjoyed playing all sorts of music, classical, popular music, Broadway show music.”

“My favorite thing about playing music is bringing joy to others,” Marlene explained. “There’s no question about that.”

Marlene has a rich background in music, mostly in singing and playing the piano for church. She also plays the organ occasionally, and most recently learned to play the flute – proving that members of the community at Springmoor are always learning, growing and trying new things!

“I started playing the flute at 70 years old,” Marlene shared. “I was directing a small orchestra at church at the time, and then I asked the new choir director to take over, who had a music degree. My friend said I should take her second flute and learn to play it, so that I could play in the orchestra. And, the choir director is a flute player so she was my teacher!”

As for Mary Alice, she enjoys playing the piano for religious services at Springmoor, and often teams up with other pianists on campus to play piano duets during services.

“Playing music is satisfying to me. I just enjoy it. I can’t tell you exactly what it is about it,” Mary Alice added. “Over the years, I’ve enjoyed playing all sorts of music, classical, popular music, Broadway show music.”

Regular performances and a plethora of pianos

Performing songs and hymns for worship is a big part of the music culture at Springmoor. Mary Alice and Marlene are two of about five talented Springmoor residents who take turns playing the piano at Sunday evening vespers each week. Mary Alice also plays piano at Springmoor’s Sunday school each week.

Springmoor boasts a large collection of hymnal and religious-based music of all denominations. Anyone can explore the library of sheet music and books and enjoy playing the tunes on any one of Springmoor’s several pianos located throughout the community.

Often, you’ll find members of the community simply gathering together and playing tunes on these magnificent community fixtures. It’s just one example of the impromptu activities at CCRCs like Springmoor that make living in a close-knit community so special.

Springmoor Presents

Here, you won’t just find residents playing music at Springmoor. You’ll also find them enjoying the talents of professional and touring musical groups. Several times a month, Springmoor hosts a musical performance in the auditorium for the entire community to enjoy, known as Springmoor Presents. The professional music groups range in style and have included choral groups, big bands, brass bands, classical musicians, bluegrass, jazz bands, rock and country groups, instrumental groups, and many others. These musical performances are open to anyone in the community, and it’s always a fun time! Having top-flight performers and artists easily accessible multiple times per month is another benefit of the various and engaging activities at CCRCs like Springmoor.

Astonishing musical acts in Raleigh

Another benefit to living at Springmoor is the number of cultural and musical attractions located right here in Raleigh. Residents take advantage of the community’s transportation services to visit these venues and shows, like the Carolina Ballet and North Carolina Symphony. Recently, residents took a trip to the Carolina Ballet to see a performance of Swan Lake, one of the most popular ballets of all time.

Making melodies and more

Springmoor is proud to create an environment where residents can learn about anything they want, including music. The community offers several music groups and expert-guided classes that take place on occasion. For example, twice a month, a teacher from the local Lutheran church visits the community to lead a class on hand drumming. Other exciting music-related events and classes can be found on Springmoor’s Pathways Calendar, which outlines all the upcoming activities and events happening at this bustling community.

No matter what kind of music you like to listen to, play, learn, or see performed, there’s an opportunity for it at Springmoor! For more information on life at Springmoor, give us a call at 919-651-4844, or visit us online to request your free information packet.



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