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Springtime at One of the Most Beautiful Retirement Communities in NC

Springmoor’s 43-acre campus is a nature lover’s dream, and spring is the perfect time to enjoy its splendor. In fact, half of this bustling retirement community in North Carolina is devoted to woodlands and manicured gardens. In creating the community, Springmoor’s founder Jud Ammons worked with the natural landscape to minimize tree loss.

“I was given a skeleton and just added flesh to the bone,” said Thom Morgan, Springmoor’s director of landscaping.

In spring or any other season, Thom’s job is to stimulate your four senses: sight, smell, sound and touch. Whether it’s the vision of vibrant azaleas, the scent of gardenias, the echo of owls or the feel of lamb’s ear on your fingers, Thom’s goal is to create seasonal interest and beauty. “Springmoor is not just Easter Sunday landscaping,” Thom explained.

A rich palette of color

Just about any tree that grows in North Carolina can be found on Springmoor’s campus. With 56 tree species, you’ll find a multitude of varieties including loblolly pine, tulip tree, flowering dogwood, magnolia and Japanese maple.

“We like that not all trees do something at the same time,” Thom explained about their bloom peaks.

Trees aren’t the only species blooming in the spring and beyond. Springmoor boasts more than 40 varieties of deciduous and evergreen shrubs including azaleas, rhododendrons, smoke bushes, hollies, junipers and gardenias. Thom recently introduced a new variation of azalea that blooms in spring, mid-summer and late fall.

Sprinkled throughout the landscape is a liberal dose of perennials including phlox, lamb’s ear, primrose and violets as well as hyacinth, tulips and daffodils. An early bloomer, Lenten rose, blossoms from January to March. To further enhance early spring color, a variety of annuals like pansies and peacock kale dot our flower beds.

A season of renewal

A unique retirement community in North Carolina, Springmoor’s Pathways philosophy recognizes wellness as a multi-dimensional state of being. Its campus, especially during springtime, is a perfect reflection of this and a way to enhance your physical, social and emotional well-being. In fact, research shows spending time in nature even has restorative powers.

Take a stroll along the 2.5 miles of walkways or the Heart Smart trail and you’re bound to see deer, foxes, squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks and 16 bird varieties including owls, hawks and Canadian geese. And for birders, the “bluebird trail” is complete with 20 bird boxes that house hatchlings from spring through summer.

With nature as the backdrop, you can also relax on one of the many park benches, practice your short game on the putting green or play a game of croquet. Springmoor’s many outdoor amenities offer a playground bursting with color.

Nature with a purpose

As you take in the beauty that surrounds you, Thom continues to plan for your enjoyment and safety. His ongoing landscaping design includes a mix of beauty and function: trees that provide shade, focal points to draw your eye in and plants to control erosion. He also carefully considers trees that display a unique texture or shape, like crepe myrtles and Japanese maples, and avoids berry-producing foliage along walkways and paths to keep the paths clean and clear.

Whether it’s spring or any other season, living at Springmoor enlivens your senses. If you’d like to tour our exquisite grounds, please call 919-651-4844 or click here today!



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