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What Makes Springmoor Unique?

A future resident called to schedule a tour last week. They said they were interested in seeing the campus described as “the one in the forest.” This certainly describes one of the most unique qualities of Springmoor.

The Grounds

When the property was developed, the designers drew the plans for the buildings into the topography of the land. Leaving the natural grading and the well-developed trees gives each apartment a beautiful view from their ground floor patio, upper deck porch or bay window. The paths through the woods provide a shady walk on a hot afternoon. And in the fall, when the trees are changing colors, the views are spectacular!
The paved sidewalks throughout the campus are perfect for a morning walk.

The colors in the spring are beautiful. Azaleas, Dogwood trees, Hydrangeas and more fill the campus with an array of blooms.

Residents can often be found planting a few of their favorites around their patios.

There are quiet spots everywhere to enjoy being outside. You will find comfortable spots to read a book, watch the birds or just enjoy the sunshine under the arbor, in the gazebo or by the fountains.

The Carolina blue skies are always a perfect backdrop to our green campus!

The Employees

And if you ask a Resident What Makes Springmoor Unique – they will tell you it’s also the employees. Their dedication and hard work help make life so simple. Everything from the bank to the fitness center is here. Our lovely campus also has a library, a convenience store, a movie theatre, an art studio and so much more!

The Residents

And if you ask an employee What Makes Springmoor Unique – they will tell you it’s THE RESIDENTS, of course!

We invite you to take a tour of our campus in the forest and meet a few friends that call Springmoor home.
Call 919-234-7626 to schedule your visit soon.



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