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Springmoor Employees Celebrate 28+ Years

This week we celebrate our employees – our long-term employees. We have several that have been here since we opened our doors in 1984. Their dedication in making Springmoor a great place to live and work is applauded by all of the residents and by their co-workers. You will find them in various positions throughout the community.
In our Administrative offices you will find our Human Resource Director, Jim Cox and our Chaplain, Phyllis Mayo. And in the Housekeeping Department, you will find two very special sisters, Sandra Harris and Barbara Venson. These four employees have each been at their jobs for over 32 years. They all say, “it’s the residents” that keep them coming back every day. The residents have become an extended family to many of our employees.
We asked the ten employees that have been here over 28 years a few questions about their jobs. And their responses, though different, all had a similar theme. Helping others is what they like to do best.

Gladys Crowder celebrates 28 years

What was your first job as a teenager?

A grocery store cashier, “puttin’ in tobacco” on the farm, a summer camp counselor, a babysitter, and a cook.

Priscilla Frazier celebrates 29 years

How many positions have you had since you’ve been here?

The ten long-term employees have worked in as many as four positions each and as few as one. Those that have had multiple jobs have moved around in their departments to manage other employees or try their hand in a new area of their department.

Gloria Wilkins celebrates 30 years

What do you want to be when you grow up?

These responses were the best! “I’m there.” And “just myself, helping as many people as I can.” And. “the person that does their job to the best of my abilities and takes pride in whatever I do.”

Terri McMahon celebrates 30 years

Where were you born?

Half of the group said Raleigh or the surrounding area. The other half came to Springmoor from Florida, Maryland, Georgia and Alabama. We have a very southern group!

Samuel Massenburg celebrates 31 years

What time do you wake up every day?

We have a group of early-risers, most telling us they are up by 5:30 each day.

If you were sitting on an airplane next to a celebrity, who would you like it to be?

Oprah, Meryl Streep, Sean Connery, Diana Ross, Pope Francis, Halle Berry, Michelle or Barack Obama, Tom Hanks or Gilda Radner. What a great plane ride that would be!

Sandra Harris and Barbara Venson celebrate 32 years. Lonnie Walker celebrates 31 years

What are you going to do when you retire?

Staying busy is what this group plans to keep doing: traveling or volunteering in a community service project is where you will find them when they retire.

What job at Springmoor would you like to do for one day?

The answer to this question was overwhelmingly “I’m doing it!”

Do you sing to the car radio?

“Oh, YES”, and most everyone says “loudly” with a smile on their face and a tune in their head.

Jim Cox celebrates 32 years

It’s March Madness and in the Triangle it’s always about basketball: Duke, Carolina or NC State?

We have a tie – the friendly competition will continue for years to come between the Tar Heels and the Wolfpack in the kitchen, in the offices and in the hallways.

Phyllis Mayo celebrates 32 years

 What do you like most about working at Springmoor?

This one is the easiest question of all – “it’s the residents!”
Thank you to Gladys Crowder, Priscilla Frazier, James Dixon (not pictured), Gloria Wilkins, Terri McMahon, Samuel Massenburg, Lonnie Walker, Jim Cox, Sandra Harris, Barbara Venson and Phyllis Mayo for your service and dedication to Springmoor! Our team of 28+ years of employment deserves another round of applause. You are the best!



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