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Share the Love with Springmoor's residents

This week, we asked the residents to write our story. It’s February, so we are sharing the love with you.

Julie and Alex Lewis..”young minds and positive attitudes”Julie & Alex Lewis

Julie & Alex Lewis

They say,” The more you focus on the good stuff, the more good stuff you will find”. We came to Springmoor to focus on the good that is before us in this stage of our lives and that’s just what we have found!
We are thrilled to be surrounded with “young minds” and positive attitudes. As we walk around the Springmoor campus it’s as if we have a book of knowledge under our arm. Each resident has a story of travel or life-learned lesson that is always interesting and intriguing.
We hope to live the rest of our days laughing, caring and sharing with our newfound family at Springmoor.

Peg Bedini…”instincts were absolutely correct”

Peg Bedini

I first visited friends at Springmoor almost twenty years ago. I thought at that time and the years since that it must be a wonderful place to live. Now that I have lived here myself for almost three years, I know that my instincts were absolutely correct. I love my wonderful friends, the caring staff, the enjoyable activities, and my spacious apartment with its large porch overlooking the beautiful landscape. Happiness for me is synonymous with living at Springmoor!

Monica Perkins

I think it would be very hard NOT to love Springmoor. When my husband Hank and I came to Raleigh to look for a place to spend the winter of our lives, we visited two places and after touring Springmoor, we knew it was going to be home for us. Why would anyone want to live anywhere else???

Wanda and Larry Smith…”a series of Life Stories”

Wanda and Larry Smith

Since our first meetings with the Marketing Department last August, the Springmoor staff and our neighbors have showered us with love, food, gifts, and dinner invitations. Each dinner has given us a series of Life Stories, which makes us want to hear more from our extended family. It is a wonderful feeling to know that we are “in place” for the balance of our life. Everyone has a happy smile and a warm greeting; we are blessed to be here.

Sally Neal

I love Springmoor because of the people, both residents and staff.
PS: The pool doesn’t hurt either!

Peggy and Bill Blackburn…”Springmoor is its people”

Peggy and Bill Blackburn

Springmoor is its people. The staff and the residents are warm and courteous and helpful. We love Springmoor because we love the people.

Barbara McGehee

Springmoor is our happy place!  We are most appreciative of the dream plus a lot of work that brought this place into being.  It is home.  We “love” getting to know the residents who provide such wide ranges of experiences and interests.  We “love” the caring staff in all areas that graciously meet our needs and concerns with smiles.

Gail Jens and Mandy…”friendly faces”

Gail Jens

Springmoor offers many social opportunities and yet you are allowed personal space too. There are many friendly faces from both residents and staff!  It is a wonderful place to live.
The residents will be the first to tell you that this is a happy place, filled with a dedicated staff, wonderful neighbors, awesome activities, an exercise facility that can’t be beat and excellent dining options. It’s all nestled into a beautifully landscaped community making it a place where everyone can share the love.



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