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The Wellness Center offers Pathways to a Healthy 2017

January is the month to set new goals for the year. After the merry month of December, exercising and eating healthier are at the top of everyone’s list. Our Wellness Director, Kari Richie, and our Instructors, Kris Lawyer and Becky Boulo, offer a few suggestions to get you started this month and keep you motivated and on-track throughout the year.

Pathways to Wellness Center Director, Kari Richie

What suggestions do you have for setting an effective health and wellness New Year’s Resolution?

Make S.M.A.R.T. goals: SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ATTAINABLE, REALISTIC, and TIMELY. Write it down or tell somebody to help keep you accountable! Set a daily time daily to exercise, start small and add to it as you become successful.

How do you suggest residents set a goal/strategy for using the Wellness Center?

You have to make a plan! Meet with the fitness staff if you don’t know where to start. They will show you how to use the center and what classes best suit your needs. Write the class on your calendar and mark it with a star when you finish!

Wellness Center Instructor, Kris Lawyer

How does the staff help make a plan for residents?

The staff can do a fitness assessment and will make recommendations based on the individual’s needs, goals, and interests. If you have recently had Physical Therapy we coordinate with PT. If it is to lose weight, we can suggest cardio that is appropriate for you. And if it is to gain strength we can suggest classes or specific exercises and machines.

Treadmills and Ellipticals – for a great walk inside

Do you help with diet as well as exercise? Any suggestions for better eating habits?

We refer residents to our Sodexo Dietitians on campus. They will do a free consultation and answer dietary questions related to the Springmoor menu and personal dietary needs. The most basic advice is to drink plenty of water, avoid sugar and processed foods and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Wellness Center Instructor, Becky Boulo

For a newcomer – what is the best machine and/or class to start with?

The Fitness Combo classes are a great place to start. We offer them at several different levels. Depending on the person, the Nu-step or Treadmill are great machines for endurance.

Enjoy an Aquatic Class in our heated saltwater lap pool

For a resident who likes to be outside walking but the weather keeps them inside for a few months – what do you suggest?

The hallways… we have plenty of them! Find a friend or neighbor and explore a different part of the campus. There are 3 or 4 floors in most every building. Also swimming and aqua fitness classes are great alternatives in the winter. Water walking is a great exercise!

Our most popular machine

What is the most popular class?

Fitness Combo

What is the most popular machine?


For those who are motivated with a group and for those who prefer the quiet: What day and time is the Wellness Center the busiest? And what time is it empty?

Monday, Wednesday and Friday are a popular routine. It seems to be less busy on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

Our Fitness Team in a competitive 5K walk for Autism

Do you have any new classes planned for 2017? Any new outings, races or competitions planned?

We just sent out a survey to get feedback from the residents. We hope to plan some new programs such as Pure Cardio, Exercise for Arthritis, Pilates, 4-week Floor Exercise, 4-week Barre Fitness, and 6-week Balance Training.

Don’t forget to add your stars after you exercise

Do you have a favorite website, blog or magazine that you read to keep updated on Health and Wellness?

Springmoor is a member of the International Council on Active Aging. We try to keep up with their monthly publications and their website as helpful resources for the older adult population. We read Shape, Self, and Health and Fitness magazines. SparkPeople is a great health and living website.
Now is the best time to check out the Wellness Center! Add it to your calendar, introduce yourself to Kari, Kris and Becky and add a few stars to your daily planner. If you need a partner to keep you motivated, they can introduce you to a resident that has similar goals. Our outstanding Wellness Instructors will get you started and make a plan that fits your 2017 goals.



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