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At the Fitness Center

John and Sally Neal

John and Sally Neal

If you are trying to find our new residents, Sally and John Neal, check the Fitness Center first! These two arrived at Springmoor in June and have taken advantage of many of our exercise classes, the saltwater lap pool, the surrounding parks and neighborhoods, the area tennis courts and golf courses. They love to be outside working in the garden or going for a run. Active would be the first word that comes to mind when you describe Sally and John.

African Violets, Sally's favorite

African Violets, Sally’s favorite

In the Garden

Sally is a certified NC Master Gardener. She is in the process of transferring her membership from Lee County to Wake County as she plans to work at the Southern Ideal Home Show, and the North Carolina State Fair. She has been an active volunteer with this state-supported organization since 1998. Her speciality is plant propagation especially with African Violets. Sitting in her bay window were two vases of freshly cut curly willow that she was rooting. She said this will be “a perfect added touch for her holiday floral arrangements.”

Tennis in Raleigh

Tennis in Raleigh

On the Court

John loves the tennis court. Singles or doubles, a tournament or a challenge match, he is happy to have a racquet in his hand. He and his doubles partner, a former Wake Forest University Tennis Team player, have traveled across the southeast playing in tournaments. They are practicing again at a much more steady pace now that John and Sally are back in Raleigh.

Pathways Wellness Center saltwater lap pool

Pathways Wellness Center saltwater lap pool

At the Pool

If they are not in the garden or on the tennis court, you will see them downstairs at the Pathways Wellness Center Pool. Three days a week is their plan. John swims a minimum of a mile each day (yes, that is 72 lengths and he usually adds another 6 or 8 laps just to be sure he counted correctly). Sally joins him on the weekends and when she is not in her Tai Chi or Line Dancing classes. She says that Tai Chi is great for balance and working her muscles. She loves the new class and the instructor’s technique. Although she has been taking classes for 8 years prior to their Springmoor move, she continues to learn something new with each class. Tai Chi is before lunch, Line Dancing is after lunch and Swing Dancing is their new Sunday activity at the Elks Club. 

Umstead State Park Greenway Trail

Umstead State Park Greenway Trail

Around the Neighborhood

Not only do they take advantage of all that Springmoor has to offer but they are out and about in the neighborhood too! John can be seen most mornings on his four to five mile run, down Sawmill and Lead Mine through Baileywick Park and back to Dunkin Donuts for his early morning cup of coffee. Walking, running, exploring – an eight time marathon runner – John uses his GPS to track his miles, his calories and his path. He says one of Springmoor’s greatest assets is its neighborhood location. Nestled into rolling hills and greenways, there is always a new route to discover. On a sunny day, you can find him on the paths at Umstead State Park or the North Carolina Art Museum Greenway. (Only 15 minutes from their new home – great when he wants to go for a longer run.).

Do they ever sit down? Oh yes, they both say they have even gained weight since they moved in! The Bistro and the South Village Dining Room are their favorite dining spots. No more cooking is the best part for Sally. They prefer to eat a larger meal at lunchtime. Sally goes through the menu and marks her favorites each month. When they are not dining in, they have found lots of restaurants within walking distance. On every corner of the block, they can find something wonderful to eat – from Gonza’s Tacos Y Tequila to Sawmill Tap Room, from Margaux to Serena’s – there is an assortment of fine dining or something more casual.

How did they find this wonderful spot to call home? After extended research they landed back in Raleigh in the same place where Sally’s mother once lived and John was a North Carolina State University grad student. Their active lifestyles make them a perfect match for everything that Springmoor has to offer. They consider this move a “gift to their children.” The campus and the neighborhood have already proven to be a gift for them too. They have found the Pathways Fitness Center and so much more!




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