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Let’s Go To The Movies

Springmoor's University Theatre

Springmoor’s University Theatre

It’s Saturday night and the popcorn is popping. The University Theatre is ready and the moviegoers are lined up at the door. Do you want to join us?
The Springmoor movie nights are a popular attraction on a Saturday night. With two locations for movies – The University Theatre in South Village or The Auditorium in North Village- there is sure to be a drama, comedy, musical or mystery that suits your taste. The Jackie Robinson Story or Chariots of Fire, City Slickers or Hello, My Name Is Doris. An oldie or a new release, Billy Crystal or Sally Field; the offerings vary every day.
Sally Field as Doris Miller

Sally Field as Doris Miller

Dates and Times

The University Theatre has showings on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Afternoon times as well as evening showings are on the calendar each week. The residents choose the movies each month through a suggestion box located outside the theatres. There are nineteen movies selected for October. The list is long and the genre varies from night to night. An oldie is always offered. Actors Nicholas Cage and Humphrey Bogart are on the list this month. There are always a few New Releases and a seasonal movie or two each month too. The Springtimes calendar has a complete list each month as well as the video monitors located throughout the buildings and on the Springmoor TV channel in each resident’s apartment.

A New Leaf with Walter Matthau and Elaine May

A New Leaf with Walter Matthau and Elaine May

Hearing Loop Technology

Along with the comfortable reclining chairs, cup holders and hot popcorn, the University Theatre also offers a wireless network for hearing aids. The hearing loop technology transmits sound signals from a microphone, speaker or public address system directly to the telecoil equipped hearing aids or cochlear implants. The telecoil (or t-coil) functions as an antenna, relaying sounds directly into the ear without background noise. You’ll never miss a word with this updated technology offered in the University Theatre and the North Village Auditorium.

Classics of British Literature with Professor John Sutherland

Classics of British Literature with Professor John Sutherland

Lecture Series

Prefer to go to see something educational? The Library Committee offers a range of shows on Friday at 11:00. This month the Classics of British Literature taught by Professor John Sutherland from the University of London and the California Institute of Technology is being offered. The conversation with Dr. Sutherland exposes you to some of Britain’s most vital and engaging works. He provides a unique lens through which to view the rich history of our past.

The World's Greatest Geological Wonders

The World’s Greatest Geological Wonders


On Wednesdays there is a popular intellectual offering at 3:00 in the University Theatre. This month The World’s Greatest Geological Wonders are being explored. The photographs and commentary about the volcanic beauty of Hawaii’s islands, the geysers and hot springs of Yellowstone, and Kawah Ijen, the world’s most acidic lake will intrigue everyone in the audience. The documentary series varies each month from Brain Games, a Travel Series, and National Geographic selection to PBS Specials. The list also includes documentaries from Our State Magazine, which proved to be a very popular offering earlier this year. There is also a series on Great Music, Nutrition Made Clear and Scientific Secrets for a Powerful Memory. Education for continued learning is always more interesting in a theatre with your friends and neighbors.

Dustin Hoffman

Dustin Hoffman

Food and Beverage

The popcorn is hot and buttery and there is a cabinet filled with candy and cold drinks too! The best part about our theatre is it’s located within walking distance (inside South Village). No parking problems, no weather related issues and no tickets to purchase in advance. And of course, there is no cost for any of it!
So check the schedule, invite a friend and we’ll see you at The University Theatre for a Documentary on Wednesday afternoon, a Library Lecturer Series on Friday morning, a Comedy on Friday before dinner, or an Oldie on Saturday night after dinner. On Sunday there are two more show times if you’ve missed Dustin Hoffman or Walter Matthau earlier in the week. We look forward to seeing you at the movies!



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