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Springmoor Presents!

Springmoor Presents! can be an evening of music – a Jazz Quintet, a Hand Bell Choir, a Barbershop Quartet, a Piano and Violin Concerto, or Patsy Cline or it can be a well-known lecturer.

Capital Transit

Capital Transit

Each week and sometimes twice a week, the Resident Life Department invites guests to perform on our campus. Leah Willis, our Resident Life Director and Hannah Skillestad, the Assistant Resident Life Director, are entertainment experts when it comes to evening performances. There is a great diversity of musical styles and sizes of each group that perform. From a solo act to a full choir, a youth group to a Broadway performer, they all bring their talents to entertain us.
Springmoor Presents! is not limited to musical acts. One of Springmoor’s favorites, Dr. Elliot Engel, an English Professor Emeritus, joins us every other month for an engaging literary and historical program. The room is always filled to capacity when he is on the calendar. This month, he will discuss his book, William Shakespeare: A Light and Enlightening Look.

Professor Elliot Engel

“Most people consider William Shakespeare the greatest writer in the English language, but few know the real reasons why. Immensely entertaining. Professor Elliot Engel is quite possibly the most insightful, personable, and entertaining academic lecturer to come out of academia in the last fifty years” says Wisconsin Bookwatch Running Time. Review after review is always excellent for this outstanding professor. He has taught at the University of North Carolina, North Carolina State University and Duke University.
Last week, Joe Dittmar was here to present A Historical and Inspirational View of 9/11 – Lessons Learned from a Date with Destiny. Joe Dittmar’s eyewitness account of the sights, sounds and scenes from inside and outside the World Trade Center on 9/11 presented a gripping perspective on what really happened before, during and after the terrorist attacks. While steeped with facts and observations of historic proportions, his presentation also presents concepts and ideas on what was learned that day and what lessons we can continue to teach. His story from the 105th floor of Two World Trade Center provides a wealth of insight and history.
Fredrick Moyer

Fredrick Moyer

In October, we look forward to a Three Part Piano Symposium Performance with Fredrick Moyer. His presentation will include an evening performance as well as a morning and afternoon session of commentary as he shares his musical experience with the audience. He began to study piano at the early age of seven under the direction of his mother. In his high school days, he was fascinated with jazz. After graduation from Indiana University, he began his career with a debut at Carnegie Recital Hall. His performance schedule has taken him to 43 countries. His repertoire includes everything from classical music to improvisation. He will most certainly delight our audience!
Dr. George Braswell

Dr. George Braswell

On the October schedule we also look forward to a three-part presentation from Dr. George Braswell, retired Senior Professor of World Religions and Founder and Director of the World Religions and Global Cultures Center at Campbell University. He and his wife, Joan were missionaries in Iran in the 1960s and 1970s. His memoir, Crossroads of Religion and Revolution, he notes as his proudest career achievement. His first lecture titled “Understanding Hinduism and Buddhism” will be followed by two presentations on Islam. His first-hand knowledge and his depth of study will be educational to all of us.
The highlight of weekly performances for Springmoor Presents! also includes Capital Transit, a four-part vocal jazz ensemble with musical accompaniment. The audience will be entertained with blues, swing, pop and a little Doo-Wop. Their own instrumental talents accompany their four-part vocal harmony too. The flute, sax, guitar, bass and hand percussion make the performance uniquely entertaining.
Gregg Gelb and the La Fiesta Latin Band

Gregg Gelb and the La Fiesta Latin Band

Prefer a Latin Jazz? Gregg Gelb and his La Fiesta Latin Band will be here in late September. Gregg is best known for his jazz ensembles and his mastery of his saxophone. Trained classically, his technique and proficiency have given him many great opportunities. He sites one of the highlights of his career was performing with the North Carolina Symphony as a saxophonist. His range of music, from small quartets to large jazz bands, from composer to teacher: his talents make him one of North Carolina’s best-known musicians.
The General Assembly, another popular group, joined us in July and will most definitely be back to delight us with their Barbershop Harmony. The 40-man chorus sings a cappella music and always brings our audience into their enthusiastic performances with a toe-tapping music and delightful harmony.
Caroline Gregory, a vocal soloist, Robert Spaziano, a pianist with a fun sing-a-long repertoire, Chamber Concerto performers – Jonathan Moyer, pianist and Luciana Arraes, violinist all have shared their musical talents with Springmoor. The stage is booked through December with many more musical events as well as guest lecturers. Springmoor Presents! is always the talk of the day after the event.
The Hall Sisters

The Hall Sisters

We look forward to hearing from The Hall Sisters in the weeks ahead. The sisters, North Carolina natives, have made appearances at the Grand Ole Opry House and Carnegie Hall. Their harmonies, piano and strings along with their voices are sure to captivate our audience. Dim the lights and let the show begin…it’s time for Springmoor Presents!



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