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Earth Day

Are you taking care of your environment?
Are you recycling as much as you can? For the Springmoor residents living in our houses and villas the Raleigh Recycle trucks come by every other Tuesday. We are thrilled to see so many green bins sitting on the curbs throughout the community. For our residents living in the interior apartments, there are recycle rooms available on every hall. You may drop your things in the bins any day, any time. You will also find bins located near our mailboxes and in our dining areas. We encourage you to take advantage of this simple way to help our environment.
The Raleigh Recycle list includes many of your everyday items. Filling up the recycle bins instead of our trash bins should be goal for everyone. The list of items that can be added to the recycle bins continues to grow as Raleigh finds vendors that will reuse our plastics, papers, glass, metals and more.

Fill your recycle bin with these items

Fill your recycle bin with these items

A Recycle List

Metal Food and Drink Cans, Aluminum Trays and Clean Aluminum Foil

All you need to do is wipe them clean and add them to the bin.

Glass Bottles and Jars

Any color, any size. You may leave the lids on because the steel can be recycled too!

Magazines, Catalogs, Paperback Books, and Telephone Books

Make a habit of recycling the old magazine when the new one arrives each month. Not only does this keep clutter from piling up but also it saves another tree.

White and Colored Paper

Printer paper? If it doesn’t need to be shredded, add it to the bin. Any mail   that comes with a plastic window can go directly into the bins. Be sure to make sure a sample credit card is not enclosed.

Newspapers and Inserts

Greeting cards, junk mail, coupons; we all have plenty of these. Read and recycle!

Plastics for recyciling

Plastics for recycling

Plastic Bottles, Tubs and Clamshells

This list is long: empty medicine bottles, shampoo and lotion bottles. Tubs for yogurt, dips and cheeses can be rinsed clean and added to your recycle bins. Clamshells are NEW to the list. Eating berries, tomatoes, and salads should be on your healthy diet list so you should have plenty of these containers that are now acceptable at our recycling centers.

Gable-Top Cartons

Milk boxes, Juice boxes, and soup boxes: these are on the list too.

Cardboard boxes (flattened is best)

Kleenex boxes, cracker boxes, cereal boxes, paper towel and wrapping paper tubes – these will take up lots of room in the trash, so flatten and add them to the recycle bin instead.
Spiral Cans like pizza, cookie or biscuit dough can be recycled too

Peanuts from Shipping Containers

These can go back to most any UPS or FedEx shipping centers. You will find these stores located near any of the grocery stores in our area. Empty the peanuts into a bag, recycle the box, and take them with you on your next grocery run.

Raleigh Recycle Center

Raleigh Recycle Center

Raleigh Recycle Center

Springmoor continues to strengthen the recycling program. Earlier this year, Bianca Howard, the Environmental Coordinator for the City of Raleigh, spoke to us about what items we could and could not add to the bins. The city also continues to find new innovative ways to keep our landfills free of recyclable materials. Bianca shared slides of the Sonoco Recycling Centers with the residents. Seeing the huge facility with trucks coming in one side, items sorted and then baled materials going out on the other side was inspirational to everyone.
Ready for reuse!

Ready for reuse!

We encourage everyone to use your own bags when you shop. The plastic bags at the grocery stores do not decompose and are a hazard to wildlife in our lakes, rivers and oceans. Find a few reusable bags that will comfortably carry your weekly shopping purchases and stick them in a place near your coat or your keys. Remembering to take them will soon become a healthy habit. Every little bit helps save our earth!

Landscape Recycling

Our Landscaping Department is involved in the recycling program too. In the fall, leaves are taken to the compost pile near our flower and vegetable gardens. This makes great mulch for our resident gardeners. Spent summer and winter annuals as well as poinsettias are added to these compost piles. The trees that are cut down are ground up and spread throughout our natural areas. Additional trees are added to the campus each year. In the past 18 years we have added 206 trees and almost 1,500 shrubs. Our irrigations systems are checked twice monthly and scheduled to water the grounds during the hours of minimum evaporation loss. Moisture sensors are attached to all of the controllers to shut watering down in the event of a half-inch or more of rain. Keeping it green in more ways than one is our goal.

Go Green!

Go Green!

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Restore. Replenish. Happy Earth Day everyone!



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