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Meet the Pathways Wellness Center Staff

What's your favorite workout routine?

What’s your favorite workout routine?

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.
~ Jim Ryun, Summer Olympics Track and Field 1968
The staff at the Wellness Center can motivate you to get moving!
We have four staff members and five assistants that teach over 40 programs each week. Our two workout facilities – both with pools, exercise equipment rooms and comfortable spaces for group classes- have a participation rate of over 225 visits a week! Tai Chi, water aerobics, yoga, line dancing, and fitness classes are just a few of the offerings each week. There are classes for all levels of training. The list is long, the music is fun and the staff is always eager to help you find the perfect fit for your workout!
Let’s meet the staff.

Kari Richie, Pathways Wellness Center Director

A little background

Kari Richie, our Wellness Center Director, has been teaching fitness and dance classes for 11 years. She grew up playing sports with her older brothers.
Becky Boulo is a retired PE Teacher.
Lynn Lawton began her active lifestyle in the gym during her college years. Over the past 20 years she has taught many land and water classes in health clubs and wellness centers as a certified Group Fitness Instructor.
Kris Lawyer is an accountant turned aerobic dance instructor. She has taught kickboxing, cycling, yoga, step, weight training and Thai Chi for over 25 years.

Favorite diet tips

Kari: Portion control…everything in moderation, even the things you love.
Becky: Small plates, small portions, eat five meals a day.
Lynn: Drink plenty of water and remember food is fuel. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.
Kris: Before you put anything in your mouth, think about whether it’s worth the calories. Avoid drinking your calories (limit soda and fruit juice!).

Becky Boulo

Favorite exercise tips

Kari: Make it an “appointment” on your calendar. Find a fitness buddy.
Becky: Exercise outside as much as possible. It’s good for the soul!
Lynn: Find activities you enjoy, maintain good posture during exercise and stay hydrated.
Kris: Always park as far away from your destination as you can. It will add extra steps to your day.

Exercise motivation

Kari: Set personal goals
Becky: Great music and exercise buddies.
Lynn: Mark your calendar for three exercise days each week.
Kris: You know you always feel better afterwards. Continue to remind yourself of that when you feel like slacking off.

Favorite exercise routine

Kari: Kickboxing, Zumba and running. Kari completed her first marathon in 2014. She says it was one of the hardest most rewarding things she’s ever done.
Becky: Water Aerobics. It accomplishes a lot with less effort and less impact on joints.
Kris: Kickboxing. It gets out the frustrations, works every part of the body, burns lots of calories and it’s fun!

Lynn Lawton

Lynn Lawton

Years at Springmoor

Kari: 6
Becky: 4
Lynn: 2
Kris: 4

Favorite thing about Springmoor

Group response: The RESIDENTS!

Athletics in high school

Kari: Dance Team
Becky: Field Hockey and then Ice Hockey at the University of Alaska Fairbanks
Lynn: Tennis, Softball and Cheerleading
Kris: Disliked sports in high school. In her late twenties, she quit smoking, took up jogging and discovered aerobics. It’s never too late to start a fitness program!

Comfort food

Kari: Grandmother’s “whoopie pies”
Becky: Mac and Cheese
Lynn: Mom’s homemade vegetable soup and cornbread
Kris: Thin crust, NY style pizza that you have to fold to eat

When you are not exercising, what do you like to do?

Kari: Play with my children
Becky: Read
Lynn: Go to the movies and play with my family and the dog
Kris: Shop and play Words with Friends on the phone

Kris Lawyer

Kris Lawyer

If you were a professional athlete, what sport would you play?

Kari: Football…perhaps the first female quarterback
Becky: Ice Hockey
Lynn: Tennis
Kris: Ice Skating
Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.  ~ Lou Holtz
 Ready to set a goal? Time to get moving! Find the Pathways Wellness Calendar on the Springmoor television station, at the PWC or in the back of your Springtimes monthly activity book. We’re open from 5:00 am to 10:00 pm every day of the week. Bring an exercise buddy and your tennis shoes; we will supply the music and the instructions.



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