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Activities Abound!

“As I approach my second anniversary at Springmoor, I can hardly believe how active my life continues to be.  In addition to my previous commitments; such as the Woman’s Club of Raleigh, DAR, church, lunching with friends, and family outings with the five grandkids here in Raleigh, I have added all that Springmoor has to offer.”
Boredom is never an issue at Springmoor! There are trips to explore the state and activities for those that like to stay close to home. There are cultural activities and continuing education opportunities. There are exercise programs to keep up with physical fitness and book groups to stay intellectually challenged.
Our active community offers a wide variety of opportunities each month. Our Activities Director and the Residents’ Life Committee meet regularly to plan new events and continually improve the most popular ones. Our list is long! You will need to mark your calendars each month just to keep up.

Cultural Activities

If you have lived in Raleigh, you know that the Triangle is rich with cultural activities. Many of our residents have been season-ticket holders to these events for years. Just think, no more parking issues when you join the bus group headed the theatre! We will take you right to the front door.

Durham Performing Arts Center

Durham Performing Arts Center

The list begins….

  1. The North Carolina Symphony
  2. Durham Performing Arts Center
  3. Raleigh Little Theatre
  4. North Carolina Ballet


Our tour groups often visit the vast collection of museums located in The Capital City. How lucky we are that this is home to some of the state’s biggest museums.

The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

The list continues….

  1. The North Carolina History Museum
  2. The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences
  3. The North Carolina Museum of Art
  4. 21-C, Durham’s newest boutique hotel filled with a rotating art collection
  5. Contemporary Art Museum of Raleigh
  6. City of Raleigh Museum

Continuing Education

The McKimmon Center at North Carolina State University

The McKimmon Center at North Carolina State University

Springmoor has an active group that participates in The Osher Life Long Learning at North Carolina State University. OLLI at NC State provides non-credit short courses, study trips, and special events for adults aged 50+. Topics are wide-ranging in the liberal arts and sciences, and they emphasize learning for the joy of learning. This month the group has been participating in The Wright Brothers Story. At the end of the course, they will take a field trip to Kitty Hawk on the NC coast. Previously, the group took a course on How a Symphony Works.
There are Life Writing Workshops offered each month too. Dr. James Clark, a Professor Emeritus of English at North Carolina State is working with residents to help record their stories.
So get out your pens and papers…it’s time to take a class!

Springmoor Presents!

Our series of musical events is the highlight of the evening activities on campus. There have been jazz groups, symphony musicians, dance groups and theatre productions to name just a few. For those who prefer the written word, we offer a lecture series on authors of the classics. During the last few months we were entertained by our ever-growing activity list….

The Raleigh Boychoir

The Raleigh Boychoir

  1. The Raleigh Boychoir
  2. The Community Music School
  3. A Touch of Brass
  4. The Raleigh Ringers
  5. The Oakwood Waits
  6. Dr. Elliot Engel’s evenings with Robert E. Lee and Frank Lloyd Wright

Physical Fitness

Since February is Heart Month, there will be a special presentation from the American Heart Association with activities and demonstrations lead by our Pathways Wellness Center staff. There will be an Aqua Cardio Challenge in the pool and a Cardio Fitness class with motivating music for all exercise enthusiasts. The staff will do fitness assessments and help with your exercise routines. Of course, the 42 regular classes will continue throughout the month. Yes, you read it right! There are classes offered all day, everyday! There are classes in the pool, classes in the exercise rooms and classes outdoors.

Springmoor's Croquet Court

Springmoor’s Croquet Court

Strength, Endurance, Flexibility and Balance classes are on the list with…

  1. Line Dancing
  2. Tai Chi and Yoga
  3. Aqua Fit
  4. Tennis at Greystone, next door to our community, is available for our residents
  5. Water Volleyball, Ping Pong or Croquet on campus
  6. Golfing at Wildwoods is only a few minutes drive away
  7. The Capital Area Greenway system offers 100 miles of trails for biking, jogging, walking, picnicking, fishing and bird watching around the city


Rather shop than exercise? We’ve got that too. This popular activity always fills the bus! With a multitude of shopping areas in Raleigh, there is always somewhere old and somewhere new to explore. Shopping for birthday gifts, the holidays or for yourself is so much more fun when you have driver drop you at the front door and a friend to accompany you on your journey.

The Streets at Southpoint

The Streets at Southpoint

Our list continues….

  1. Crabtree Valley Mall
  2. Triangle Town Center
  3. South Point Mall
  4. Cameron Village
  5. A Southern Season

And then of course, there are lots of weekly grocery store trips including a run to Trader Joes! The bus goes to everyone’s favorites throughout the month.

Out to Dinner

Yes, add this to the list too. Visiting Raleigh’s newest restaurants for lunch or dinner with your neighbors is a great way to meet new friends and explore the area. We love to introduce our residents to new places and show off a few Raleigh favorites too! This month the group heads to Croquette for a touch of French cuisine.

Irregardless Cafe

Irregardless Cafe

Other favorites have included…

  1. The Angus Barn, Raleigh’s premier steakhouse and wine cellar
  2. Heron’s at The Umstead, the city’s only five star hotel and restaurant
  3. Irregardless Café, a popular farm to table restaurant
  4. Sitti, authentic Lebanese
  5. Big Ed’s for a taste of Southern Cooking
  6. David’s Dumplings and Noodle Bar, with a Pan Asian menu

Day Trips

The Reservation Hotline begins ringing continuously when the new events calendar is delivered. The first thing many residents do when their Springtimes, our monthly activity book, arrives is to pull out their calendar and plan the month ahead. The trips to historical museums or manufacturing plants are always a huge hit. A tour of a chocolate factory, a wine cellar, a boat manufacturer and a brewery proved to be educational as well as fun! This month the group heads to High Point to see the beginnings of the town as well as hear the start of John Coltrane’s musical career.
For those that prefer to stay in-town, we offer a trip once a month with docent, Parker Call. She narrates an amusing tour of Raleigh as she rides with us through the graveyards, the historical homes and the cities past history.

Chatham Hill Winery

Chatham Hill Winery

The list goes on and on….

  1. Chatham Hill Winery
  2. Carolina Brewery
  3. Harris Nuclear Plant
  4. Raleigh Travel Series

When a Springmoor resident was asked if he and his wife were more active now, living here with no yard maintenance or housekeeping chores, the quick reply was “Absolutely… Springmoor gives you so many opportunities to keep active that sometimes you just have to pick and choose because you cannot schedule all of them.” Another resident replied, “There is much more offered than you can possibly schedule—but some days the best time of all is that spent sitting on my lovely porch with a good book in my hand!  What an easy, delightful life!!!”



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