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Check out the Library!

Newest Additions

Newest Additions

On these cold winter days (well, the expected cold winter days), a good book and a cup of hot tea are the perfect way to spend the afternoon. Visit the Springmoor’s library to pick up a book or two to enjoy during these colder months. It is filled with biographies, travel books, best sellers and so much more. Large print, audio books, and ebooks are available too, so the titles are endless.
At last count, the Springmoor library houses just over 6,000 books, and the collection continues to grow each year. With the library’s yearly budget, Winnie Apperson, Springmoor resident and Chairman of the Library Committee, and the committee purchase books and update the best-seller collections. If there is an author or a special speaker visiting the campus, books are purchased in advance so that everyone can read up on the subject prior to the speaker’s visit. Springmoor was happy to welcome authors Margaret Marion and Charles Frazier this past fall.
But the Springmoor Library isn’t just for picking out a good book. It’s also a central place for writing workshops, book clubs, lectures, and much more.
New titles for your winter reading list

New titles for your winter reading list


There are 40 active volunteers that staff the library. They each work a morning or afternoon shift, and can be found helping other residents find titles they are looking for.
Springmoor’s library began in 1984 with a collection of books on loan from the Wake County Library. This loan was in place until generous donations and a yearly budget led to a large book collection of our own. If duplicate books are received through donations, the second copy is quickly sent to the South Village Reading Room.

Writer's Club Workshop biographies

Writer’s Club Workshop biographies


Dr. James Clark, Emeritus Professor from NCSU, teaches a Writer’s Club workshop quarterly, and has helped many of our residents write their biographies. Several residents have compiled their poetry into a book with his assistance. Our writing workshop leaders are always eager to have new members join this active group of people who love the art of writing.

Springmoor Authors

Springmoor Authors

Book Reviews

Wondering which book to read next? Each month, a book review is written in the residents’ own newsletter, The Herald. A video book review is also offered via our in-house television station. Winnie offers a few of her personal thoughts on new additions to the library each month. Harry Holladay, a new resident will join her this month to talk about one of his own books on his family’s bootlegging history.
Next month on Winnie’s list to review are The Spymistress by Jennifer Chiaverini; I, Saul by Jerry B. Jenkins; The Wright Brothers by David McCullough; and Worthy Brown’s Daughter by Phillip Margolin.

A great collection of biographies for every reading list

A great collection of biographies for every reading list

Book Clubs

If you prefer to read and discuss your books with friends, then it’s easy to join a book club. Springmoor has two book clubs that meet monthly: The Book Worms and Moor Readers. Each group selects a book and the library brings in extra copies for everyone that would like to participate.


Check out these Springmoor Authors!

Check out these Springmoor Authors!

Lecturer Series

The library also offers a lecturer series that lets you sit back and listen! This month Professor John Bowers from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas is discussing western literary works. “Why read Moby Dick? Why do some bestsellers stand the test of time?” This series is great for those who want to continue to learn something new and be challenged with new subjects.
The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) offers classes monthly for residents to attend. How a Symphony Works: The Mechanism Behind the Music is a six-session class that 20 of our residents have been attending on the NC State campus this fall. Topics are wide-ranging in the liberal arts and sciences, and they emphasize learning for the joy of learning. Programs range from one-time lectures to six-week courses.
The titles are endless and the options to read, write, download, discuss or listen are all made easy at our Springmoor Library. Your favorite stories can come to life in a variety of ways. Check out our library soon!



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