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The One-Bedroom Deluxe

One of Springmoor’s most popular options for new residents is the One-Bedroom Deluxe apartment. The floor plan is spacious, with walk-in closets, and the kitchen is equipped with updated appliances.

This floor plan in North Village is 759 square feet with an additional 78 square foot patio or balcony. In South Village, the plan is slightly larger in size at 830 square feet and includes a bay window on the upper floors. Both North and South Village options have a spacious great room for your living and dining room furniture.

You will find several residents that have brought their pianos too! Entertaining family and friends in the living room is comfortable since there is plenty of room for a full size sofa and four club chairs. Hosting book club or an afternoon tea is never too crowded with this floor plan, either. Watching a Monday night football game with popcorn, or cuddling on the sofa with your grandchildren and their favorite movie makes the living area a special place to be.

And while you are entertaining, how about the kitchen? The kitchen in this floor plan is designed with a pantry, 30” oven, built-in microwave, refrigerator, disposal, and dishwasher. There are many residents who enjoy cooking and say that the counter space, roomy refrigerator, and pantry space are a perfect match for their cooking style.

The dining area has ample room for a table and four chairs. Many residents keep a leaf and a few extra chairs stowed away for times when the entire family gathers at their home. But don’t forget, Springmoor’s dining services is always an easy way for families to enjoy time together without standing over a hot stove all afternoon. There are private dining rooms for hosting large parties in both the North and South Village too.

The bedroom in this style apartment can be arranged to fit your personal style. A dresser, queen-size bed, and bedside tables are the pieces everyone will most certainly add first. Making it your own means there is also room for a comfy chair and ottoman, a computer desk, a bookshelf, or a sewing table. The options are endless when you begin to imagine the arrangement of your favorite pieces of furniture in your new home.

And, don’t forget the walk-in closet in the bedroom. Everyone says this is one of our most impressive features! The closets can be designed to fit your specific needs. You can choose to add shelves or extra hanging bars so that everything has its place. There is also a coat closet in the entry way and a linen closet in the bathroom. A private storage unit is added for each resident on the ground floor. You will find these units filled with holiday decorations, files, books, and other seasonal items.

Do you enjoy reading the morning paper, bird watching, or working in the garden? The patio options in the North Village apartments are perfect for these activities. Because Springmoor is surrounded by lush landscaping and wooded lots, the view is spectacular. Residents can add chairs and a table for outdoor activities. A ceiling fan is easily installed to keep the porch comfortable throughout the warm summer months.

Making each room your own is easy with our spacious one-bedroom apartments. The options are endless and the extra amenities that Springmoor offers are perfect for your new lifestyle. Enjoying a movie in our theatre, shopping at the convenience store, or exploring the campus are all part of the new comforts that make living here so wonderful. No more yard work, no more worries about leaky faucets, and no more cleaning house. Let maintenance services do it for you, and enjoy your time with family and friends. Dive into that pile of books that you have stacked by your chair, or spend your morning at the gym.

We have the perfect floor plan for your next move! Call us soon to schedule a tour at 919-848-7080!



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