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Springmoor Residents Challenge One Another to 5K Race for Autism Awareness

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” –C.S. Lewis
To inspire her residents, Becky Boulo, Springmoor’s fitness instructor, hung this quote in the workout room at the beginning of the year.

Esther Wenzel

That was this past January, and the conversation about New Year’s resolutions had begun. Everyone was challenged to set a new goal. Residents who are seen on the treadmill, in the pool, or walking outside were encouraged to take part in the Walk for Autism that was held just this past Saturday in October. One Springmoor resident, Esther Wenzel had done a few runs before, as had Becky. But now, it was time for everyone else to join in.
Springmoor resident Harriet Ross rides the exercise bike about 13 miles every morning. After her ride, you’ll find her bright and early every day in the pool for an aquatics class. A dedicated exercise-enthusiast, she adds weights and machines on Wednesdays in the gym, and uses her own weights on the weekends in her home.
Becky challenged Harriet to take her exercise miles outside. They entertained the idea of participating in the Triangle Run/Walk for Autism. Since Becky had participated in this walk for the past 10 years, and knew what to expect, they agreed this would be a good opportunity to challenge themselves and other residents.
Harriet Ross and Marlene Lambeth

Harriet Ross and Marlene Lambeth

Becky and Harriet, the first to join the Springmoor team, then asked resident Marlene Lambeth to join them. Marlene is outside everyday with her husband, walking through the neighborhood. Nestled between several quiet neighborhoods, Springmoor’s location makes walking a new path every day so easy. Marlene walks about 2.5 miles every morning and participates in an exercise class four days a week. Marlene, who had never done a 5K, was intrigued by the challenge and joined the team along with a few other first timers.
With the team quickly growing, they asked a few seasoned race veterans to join them. Esther Wenzel was next in line to join the team. Her children gave her earmuffs a few years ago as she participates in numerous races throughout the year, even in the cold. The Susan B. Komen Race for the Cure has been her passion for the past 10 years. The Turkey Trot and the Jingle Bell Walk are on her list for this year too.
Annabel and Richard Settle

Annabel and Richard Settle

Before long, a few more residents agreed to take on the challenge. The Springmoor employees were invited to join in, followed by their family members. Richard Settle and his daughter, Annabel were happy to join the team too! By race time this October, the first Springmoor group to participate in this 5K had grown to 20 members.
During the 5K, Esther blew past Becky, who was walking with other team members, in a run! A fitbit enthusiast, Esther keeps track of her daily miles online with her two daughters – they hold each other accountable for their activities!
So if you saw any of the Springmoor team last weekend at the 5K, on a cold and rainy Saturday morning, they were running and walking for Autism as well as challenging themselves to a new goal. They have decided that they will now add a 5K to the schedule four times a year. C.S. Lewis was right when he said, “you are never too old.”



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