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Where's Bob?

Springmoor’s 42-acre campus offers residents many places to work or play, socialize or study, shop or dine, exercise or simply relax. Today, we take a look around the campus in search of Bob.
Who is Bob, you ask? There are several residents named Bob on campus, but today we are in search of Dr. Bob Cook. Residents for 15 years, he and his wife Betty are very active and in involved in numerous committees, including Betty’s favorite, the Springmoor Food Service. Bob, retired from North Carolina State University as Assistant Dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, was asked after only a few short years of being a Springmoor resident to join the Resident’s Association Committee. It didn’t take long for everyone to agree he would be best suited as the president of the committee. Bringing guest speakers and educators to campus was one of his first duties as committee president.
His next task was to redesign the committee system. With his guidance, there are now 17 committees that are run with an executive board on a rotating three year term. This structure continues to bring in new residents to leadership positions, while keeping some experienced members for guidance.
“How things work at Springmoor” Bob says, began to intrigue him and before long, he was asked to join the Board of Directors as a resident advisor. He has now happily served on the board for 12 years. The Springmoor Endowment Committee is where he now puts lots of his time and energy.
That’s a little history…now for the search around Springmoor’s campus.
Betty and Susie, their Japanese Chin, are often seen looking for Bob.
Blog Bob susie
Our feathered friends fly up from the neighborhood lakes to join in the search.

The NC State University wolf is always on the lookout for their fellow Wolfpacker.

Is he on the bus for a day trip to Mount Airy or The North Carolina Symphony? No, not here today.

In the computer room checking mail or the garden room tending plants? Not here either.

In the library or the convenience store? Sometimes you’ll find him working the cash register, but not today.

Exercising in one of our two fitness rooms or in the sauna? Not this afternoon.

Playing pool or enjoying lunch in The Bistro? Nope, he’s not here either.

So, where is Bob?!
Found him!
The woodworking shop is Bob’s favorite place! He is there, he says with a grin, “almost every day.” He comes at different times each day, and can spend an hour or three. While at State, he took a few classes on woodturning, and has now become quite good at his craft. He and fellow woodworker, Jerry, can be found at the North Hills Farmers’ Market once a month in their own booth selling their bowls, cutting boards, and decorative accessories. Bob knows of no other community that offers a woodworking shop for residents. He is grateful to the vision the Springmoor team had when they designed the facility and offered the space to these craftsmen.


The eight-member woodworking group not only makes decorative items, but also is well-known for their furniture repair skills. There is no charge for repairing your squeaking rocking chair or replacing a rung on the back of a dining room chair. All they ask for is a donation to the woodworking shop. With this money, they can purchase materials or occasionally buy another tool. Residents have donated the lathe, drill press, sander, clamps, planer, and other equipment to the shop.
The woodworking shop is a perfect space to share your hobby with neighbors or learn a new skill. And, it’s the first place you should look, if you need to find Bob!



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