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Your Guide to Moving to Springmoor

So you’ve made the wonderful decision that Springmoor is the place you want to call home…now what?
We like to make the process of moving in as easy and clear as possible for incoming residents. Once you have settled on which unit will be perfect for you, the next steps will be outlined for you clearly by your marketing counselor. These steps include completing all the necessary paperwork, doctor’s appointments, choosing the new décor selections for your home, and finally deciding when your scheduled move date will be. This process can take anywhere from as little as 8 weeks to a maximum of 120 days. Your marketing counselor works with you through the whole process and is there for you to answer any questions you may have.
Step one: Application
The first step in moving to Springmoor is the application and a small deposit to reserve the apartment you have selected. This application tells us your basic information like home address, phone number, emergency contacts, etc. You will also give a 5% deposit of the entry fee for the unit you select. This deposit holds your new apartment home for you during your move.Springmoor retirement community
This is also when you will work with your marketing counselor to determine how quickly you wish to move in. This will help us know when to schedule clinic appointments, make refurbishment choices, and other time sensitive selections.
Step two: Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork
As with everything in life, there’s some paperwork to go through to make sure Springmoor has all the necessary information they require from you. These include:

  • Report of Medical form filled out by your primary physician
  • Physician Forms: Springmoor has our own doctors you can choose to use, or you can keep your existing doctor. This form outlines your choices.
  • Residency Financial information for our accounting department
  • Health Insurance statement

Step Three: Refurbishment Appointment
One of the great benefits of moving to Springmoor is the chance to customize your new home however you like. This includes new cabinets, countertops, flooring, paint, and more. During the first couple weeks after selecting your new apartment home, the Relocation Coordinator, Leah Holdren, will contact you to schedule a time for you to visit the marketing office and explore options.
The standard refurbishment package at Springmoor includes a choice of maple cabinets, quartz countertops, laminate plank wood flooring, and carpet. All of these come in different colors or stains to better match your preferences. You will also have the choice of black or white appliances and can choose any wall color from Sherwin Williams paints. We offer upgrades like stainless steel appliances, Cherry cabinets, upgraded flooring samples and more.
During this meeting you can make all of your décor choices and any additional requests you may have, like bookcases or customized closets, all of which will be installed in your new home before you move in.
Step four: Clinic Appointment
After you have completed your report of medical form, it’s time to schedule a Clinic Appointment with our Outpatient Services Coordinator, Joyce Eisele. She will conduct an interview with you to review your medical forms and history. This will be scheduled at a time mutually convenient for both you and our coordinator. You will also meet with Chris Strand from our insurance department to go over Springmoor’s insurance policies and answer any questions you may have.
During this appointment you will need to bring:

  • Medicare Cards
  • Supplemental Health Insurance cards
  • Power of Attorney
  • Healthcare Power of Attorney

Step Five: More paperwork
At your clinic appointment you will be given another packet of paperwork to complete before moving in. This includes:

  • Consent and Authorization forms to Use & Disclose Health Information
  • Insurance Attorney-in-Fact Delegation
  • Medical Authorization
  • Resident Information

You will also get a copy of Springmoor’s Privacy Practices and Springmoor Insurance Department information.
Step Six: Signing your Residence & Care Agreements
Two weeks before your determined move date, you will meet with the marketing department to sign your residence and care agreements. This agreement is the contract with Springmoor to provide continuing care for you throughout your life here, from independent living all the way through to skilled nursing.
During this meeting you will pay your final payment. You will also receive a tote bag from the marketing coordinator containing your keys, meal cards, parking stickers, and more. This ensures a smooth move day so everything is already taken care of and all you have to worry about is moving in!
Step Seven: Moving Day!
Moving in is the last and final step. Your new home will be ready for you to move in all of your belongings. Marketing counselors will be on hand should you need any assistance. They can make arrangements for hanging pictures for you and answer any final questions you may have.
So now that you know the move-in process, call us today at 919-848-7080 to schedule a tour and pick out your new home!



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