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Resident Profile: C.P. Minnick

Active Lifestyles at Springmoor

Springmoor strives to provide a community that promotes and encourages healthy lifestyles. From the food we serve in the dining rooms to the brand new wellness center we opened this year, we provide numerous opportunities for our residents to take advantage of. One of these residents is Carlton “C.P.” Minnick who describes living at Springmoor as “like living in a 5-star resort.”
At 87 years old, C.P. has lived here for five years and has seen a great improvement in his overall health since his move. Before coming here, he was pre-diabetic and took numerous medications for his health. Soon after his move-in, he had our wellness center staff do an evaluation of him and they set him up on a program of daily exercise suited just for his needs. This is something he described as “simply unbelievable.” These daily workouts include working on the machines, going for a brisk 2-mile walk, and swimming in our salt-water lap pool.
C.P. has been able to see the results from his hard work and is now enjoying the benefits of it. He is no longer in danger of becoming diabetic, and his doctors have even taken him off a lot of his previous medications. Before starting his program, his doctor told him he could only have one dessert each week. Now, he’s been told he can have dessert every night if he wants, something he has no problem with.
One experience with our wellness center that C.P. has really enjoyed was a dance class he took with his late wife, Mary. A professional instructor came in and taught them how to dance sitting down. Using arm movements and other parts of their body they were able to learn how to do the cha-cha together without even leaving their chairs, something he called “remarkable and fun.” There are always new classes that are offered to the residents, and C.P. likes to take advantage of as many of them as possible.
It’s not just the body that gets a workout here at Springmoor. “All dimensions of life are dealt with here: spirit, intellectual, physical, and social.” There are numerous activities and clubs to get involved in for just about any range of interest. C.P. is the head of the Health Center Auxiliary, and keeps busy with other activities within the community. One of C.P.’s favorite times of the day is sitting down for dinner in the South Village Dining Room and engaging in intellectual conversations with his fellow residents. He enjoys hearing about everyone’s different stories and getting to know where they’ve come from.
C.P. is always happy to talk about Springmoor because it has made such a positive change in his life. “There’s nothing I don’t like,” he says and “there’s no place I’d rather be.”



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