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Furry Friends and Four–Legged Family Members at Springmoor

“Animals are such agreeable friends. They ask no questions, they pass no judgment.” – George Elliot
Here at Springmoor, we strive to make your new house or apartment feel like home. That’s why we welcome residents to bring their pets along with them. With lots of room to walk and play, the Springmoor campus is a great place for dogs and cats to enjoy and explore along with their owners. In fact, some residents know the pet’s names before the owners!



Walter and Jane Brown are residents who brought their dog, Comet, a 4 year-old Cockapoo. Comet goes everywhere with Mrs. Brown and makes daily visits to see Mr. Brown in the health center. He was a gift for the couple one Christmas from their children, which is why he’s named Comet, after one of Santa’s reindeer. Mrs. Brown explained that not bringing Comet was never up for discussion because he was part of the family and they couldn’t even consider parting with him.
Comet is an outgoing dog that loves people and the other animals here at Springmoor. Mrs. Brown was quick to point out that all the dogs here are friendly and seem to get along well with the residents and other pets.


Another four-legged resident that calls Springmoor home is Oliver, the 6 year-old Maltese owned by Blake and Betty Aydlett. One thing that jumps right out at you when meeting Oliver is his larger than life personality. At less than 10 pounds, he has more spunk than most dogs three times his size–unless a thunderstorm rolls in. When Oliver arrived at Springmoor about 18 months ago, he was so excited, he decided to take his first tour all by himself. Since then, he’s learned that maybe it’s best to bring along his parents. The Aydlett’s came from a home with a fenced in back yard, so they worried about how Oliver might adjust. He has settled in quite well, however, and loves getting out and meeting new people.
Some of his favorite acquaintances here at Springmoor are the other wildlife. With an abundance of squirrels, rabbits and birds to chase, he has met some interesting new friends. He even spotted a fox once, but couldn’t get close enough to say hello. Oliver also likes to help our grounds department manager, Thom Morgan, in fertilizing the campus, but his parents always intervene and pick it up.


Springmoor is not just for the dogs. A lot of our residents have brought along their feline companions. Grace Longworth, a new resident who recently moved to Springmoor brought her cat Tuxedo. Mrs. Longworth was “adopted by Tux” about 5 years ago after her previous cat had passed away. She knew from the moment she saw his big eyes he was the one for her.Mrs. Longworth never questioned whether or not Tux should move with her to Springmoor and she is so happy he’s adjusting so well to his new home. For those who haven’t met Tux, he’s hard to miss. At around 15 pounds, Tux is bigger than a majority of the dogs around here. He’s also good with his paws and can open doors with ease. Luckily he hasn’t tried to escape from the apartment, so he must think his owner made a good decision in moving them here.
So don’t let the worry of having to leave your pets behind keep you from making the move to Springmoor. We welcome your companions like members of the family they are and strive to make them and you feel at home.



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