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How to Successfully Move into a Retirement Community

Are you or your loved ones planning to move into a retirement community? If so, it is important to be as organized as possible to make the move go smoothly!
Springmoor Life Care Retirement Community created this list to help you make sure the move to your new home goes off without a hitch.

Before Your Move

When you decide to move to a retirement community, you are faced with an important decision: what to keep and what to give away. It is important to note that usually your move will be to a smaller home or apartment, so not all of your possessions will fit.
Many retirement communities have furnished homes and apartments for residents, so if you are moving, you may not need to worry about a lot of your bigger furniture. Try to measure your furniture to see what will fit within the floor plan.
Go through your things and determine what you would miss and what you would not. Give away bigger furniture and items to your family members, donate them to a local charity, library, or school, or sell them in a yard sale.
Scale down your possessions to what really matters the most. Many people regret keeping as much as they did. However, don’t get rid of everything! Certain possessions, such as photo albums and gifts collected over the years, are irreplaceable.

The Move into a Retirement Community

The day of your move can be stressful if you don’t plan ahead! The evening before you leave, take a walk through everything in your home. Be sure that your belongings are packed away safely and in appropriately labeled containers.
Many people use a moving service to successfully get their belongings to their new home. Using a service helps guarantee that your belongings will make it to their destination safely.

At The Community

Once you are in your new home, it is important to get your things unpacked and organized.
Also after you arrive and have unpacked, get the “lay of the land.” Start taking advantage of all the amenities your community offers. Check out the fitness center and dining areas. Meet your neighbors.
Be sure to ask any questions about the community when you first arrive as well. How often do you receive linen service? What day does the garbage get taken out of the homes? Being knowledgeable about your community helps you feel comfortable in your new home.
For those of you who have already made the move, what other advice do you have?
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