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A Message from Brandon Hair, Executive Director of Springmoor

June 29, 2020 Update

We continue to focus on keeping our residents safe and healthy during this pandemic.  We are grateful that our residents, staff and family members are following the recommended guidelines and supportive of our efforts to keep all residents and staff safe and healthy at Springmoor.   I have stated time and again in my weekly town hall meetings how wonderful the staff and residents have been throughout the last several months.  Families of our residents have also been tremendously understanding as we have navigated through this uncharted territory.  For those family members wishing to receive weekly updates, please contact us comments@springmoor.org.

Since Governor Cooper implemented Phase 2 of Re-Opening North Carolina, the following changes have taken place at Springmoor:

  • Visitors are now allowed on campus with following guidelines: must visit outside and maintain social distancing or visit in one of two designated areas in NV and SV.  Reservations are required for inside visit.
  • Hair salon has reopened by appointment only.
  • Aquatic and exercise classes have resumed with class size limits. Reservations are required.
  • Sensors for all automatic doors have been restored  
  • Dining room has reopened at 25% capacity. Social distancing is in place. Reservations are required.  Residents may still continue with meal delivery.
  • Café and Bistro have reopened for take-out only. 
  • Current mail distribution system will remain in effect until restrictions ae lifted.
  • Coffee time has resumed with social distancing in place.
  • Stewart Health Center remains closed for visitors. Window visits have been suspended until further notice. 

Despite our strict guidelines and efforts within Stewart Health Center, we regret to announce that we have had residents and staff members test positive for coronavirus.  The residents and staff are on isolation and we are prayerfully hopeful that all will recover.    

Brandon Hair 

April 6, 2020 Update

As we continue to monitor the effects of the virus around the world, nation and state, our main focus continues to be on Springmoor.  I feel positive about our efforts but I need everyone’s help to ensure we are doing all we can to keep our residents and staff safe and healthy.

Therefore, I want to remind everyone of the following:

  • No visitors are allowed on campus.
  • If a resident must receive something from their family member such as groceries, medications, etc., the items are to be dropped off at the front desk for security to deliver. If the resident lives in a villa or house, the items may be dropped off at their door step.  Please remember the 6 feet social distancing guidelines.
  • Sensors for all automatic doors have been disabled with the exception of the main entrance of North Village and South Village. 
  • Current mail distribution system will remain in effect until restrictions ae lifted.

We have been blessed with beautiful weather which has allowed our residents to take advantage of the nice weather and enjoy the campus in its Spring glory.

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter!

Brandon Hair 

March 26, 2020 Update

I want to say a huge thank you to our residents and staff for their support and commitment in adapting to the changing guidelines.  The safety and well-being of our residents continue to be our main priority. 

Several new changes have been implemented since the last update.

  • Mail is being delivered to the front desk and a host of volunteers are distributing the mail to the in-house mailbox only. Residents are assigned a time to retrieve their mail as it correlates with their last name to remain in compliance with social distancing.  There are two boxes for outgoing mail: one is located in North Village main lobby and a second is located in South Village Portico.
  • Our Wellness Center, including the pool and North Village exercise rooms have been closed until further notice.  Small group exercise classes will be available in the great room in compliance with social distancing. 
  • Meals are by delivery only and can now be ordered through the resident portal. Paper orders are still available. Forms are located on each floor for the apartments and in a central location for houses/villas.  Wellness checks are still being performed in the same manner.
  • Another Town Hall meeting was held March 25th through the Springmoor channel.  Residents were able to call in with questions.
  • Any deliveries (i.e groceries, medications, etc.) are to be dropped off at the North Village Main Lobby or South Village Portico. Security guards will deliver items to the residents. Security guards are available to grocery shop for residents by contacting the front desk at 919-848-7000.

Brandon Hair

Executive Director

March 17, 2020 Update

I hope everyone was able to watch the presentation today on 1341 and found it informative. I have included the link to watch the video in case you missed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBi9Baiz5Xc  I have already received some very good questions and was able to answer each one, so far. As an extra effort, I wanted to send out a recap of everything discussed and possibly some things that were left out. I have broken each section down by department to hopefully make it more clear. I hope this will be the last memo I have to send out for a while but that may not be and will inform everyone of any other changes ASAP.

Screening Employees

All staff will be screened each day with the required questions along with their temperature taken and logged. This will be performed and recorded each day. If any employee has a temperature of 100.4 or higher they will be sent home and not allowed to return for 24 hours. These screens will be required for all employees, essential care staff, homecare employees, essential contractors, and any vendors that have to enter Springmoor.


Housekeeping duties will be performed as normal unless you do not want them to come in and clean your residence. Please know they will be screened each day as every other employee.


All Pathways events will run on a limited schedule. Each department will decide what is best for what they have planned. We are following the 50 people maximum rule recommended by the CDC instead of the 10 person rule suggest by President Trump. However, we have to practice social distancing of at least 6 feet so some events or activities will have much less in attendance. Also, these will only be lead by Springmoor employees such as Kari, Leah, Lori, Julianna, or other Pathways employees.


Maintenance will continue to perform routine duties unless you do not want them to enter your residence just as housekeeping. Only essential contractors will be on-site performing jobs to keeping Springmoor up and running.  All contractors will be screened just as Springmoor employees.


Marketing has suspended all tours until further notice. However, they will still be talking one on one to potential residents and even using communication and showing open apartments and selections via video and Facetime This will ensure we continue our marketing efforts without having anyone touring around Springmoor. Plus, I feel this is a great time to inform potential residnts of all the safety precautions we have in place so they will feel confident when moving in.


Both salons will be closed in North and South Village.


We are continuing medical transportation but asking everyone to cancel or reschedule if it is routine and not medically necessary. Some providers may already be doing this. We have now canceled all grocery store runs. If there is something you need and do not have family to drop it off at the front desk, please call Ken Duston at (7085) to set up a concierge shopping trip for you.

Stewart Health Center

All visitors are prohibited from visiting the health center including spouses. This was the toughest decision we had to make but felt it was necessary. We are looking at alternate ways for you to communicate with your loved ones. Our social services and life enrichment departments within the SHC are brainstorming now. We are hopeful we can Facetime with many spouses and family members as a personal activity. If there are other ways you can communicate with your loved one please let Vera Horton (7153) or Steve Mistretta (7141) know. We are allowing all home care staff to continue their services to residents in the health center. All home care staff will be screened each day and each shift just as any other health center employee.

Dining Services

Beginning tomorrow all dining services will be operating on a delivery basis only. This will include both lunch and supper. We have discontinued breakfast for now. Also, the Garden Café, Springs, Bistro, and Willow Springs will be closed as well until further notice. You will have the option of a hot or cold entrée each day along with 2 sides, soup, and dessert. We will utilize our current menu until the weekend and then will have different options. We will be picking up your order each day, for each meal you want, and delivering to your apartment, house, or villa until further notice. Jennifer will have more specific information tomorrow when we begin delivery only.

Reporting Symptoms

If you feel you have any symptoms such as shortness of breath, coughing, fever, etc please call the clinc immediately. They will send a nurse over to your residence to check you. If they feel you need to be tested a doctor will test you with swab just like the flu. The swab will be tested and sent back approximately 24-72 hours with results.

I hope I have covered all of the topics needed but I am sure there are still more questions. Please know I will get back with you ASAP with any questions you have. Also, I want each of you to know I feel very confident in our efforts and everything we have in place. We have spent a great deal of time thinking through each item. I cannot promise it is perfect but I do feel very good about it and hope you do as well. We are doing all we can to keep everyone as safe as possible. As always, thank you for your support, encouraging words, and the confidence you put into us each day.

March 16, 2020 Update

We have decided to make several more changes since the previous memo issued yesterday. These changes were decided upon based on evolving precautions and what we felt was the next best steps for our residents Therefore, we have implemented the following effective immediately.

  • No outside visitors are allowed in The Stewart Health Center. Most recently we were restricting visitations but have decided to move forward with prohibiting any visitations. If you need to bring anything to your loved one such as laundry, toiletry items, snacks, etc please leave these with the receptionist and we will make sure your loved one receives them. The shift manager and nurse supervisor will be available to answer any questions you may have. I regret any hardship this may cause but we have to enforce this policy for the safety of your loved ones and all residents within the health center. Everyone will be informed when this has been lifted.
  • We have prohibited any outside entertainers, guest speakers, musicians, pastors, etc to come into Springmoor. Therefore, any event planned within Pathways that has an outside guest will be canceled. We will still continue to have Springmoor events such as discussion groups, art classes, movies etc,
  • Vespers and Sunday School have been canceled until further notice. This includes the 4:00 PM service in SHC and the 7:15 PM service in the auditorium.  We are following what most clergy and churches have already implemented.
  •  If Wake County Schools happen to close such as other surrounding counties we will not be providing daycare for staff members. Most of you know we provide this as a staff benefit during snow days. However, this goes against our current policy of letting large groups into the community at this time and could continue for several weeks or more, unlike snow days.

I had hoped we would not have to move to these more extreme measures but we feel this is best for Springmoor at this time. Please know other safety measures may have to be implemented but will not move forward unless we feel it is necessary.  I realize some of these new policies will not only be tough on you but your loved one. However, we have to act on what we feel is best for everyone at Springmoor and what makes situations like this so hard for us individually. Thank you again for all of your patience and understanding during these unprecedented times.

March 13, 2020 Update

As things continue to change each day regarding the coronavirus we continue to receive daily updates on happenings within the retirement living and long term care industry. This information comes from many different sources including Leading Age National, Leading Age NC, CMS, CDC, NCDHHS, and our local health department. Also, many communities in the surrounding area and within the state have been more than willing to share precautions they have in place within their communities. This has not only established best practices to care for our residents at Springmoor but all residents within NC.

With the most recent news of more cancelations, closings, and many other safety precautions being taken across the country and state, we have implemented some new measures to increase safety at Springmoor. Please know we do not have any active cases of the coronavirus at Springmoor and all precautions are being implemented as a proactive safety measure. It is a fine line of isolating each of you from the outside world and prohibiting your family to visit. Therefore, we are only taking precautions we feel are necessary now but these may increase in the days and weeks to come. Below is what we have implemented at this moment and will send out another notice if or when something changes.


  • Suspended the bite app and happy or not surveys
  • Removed salt and pepper shakers and replaced with packets of each
  • Discontinued the salad bar and serving premade salads. For the ones that depend on raw vegetables from the salad bar, the dining staff, and dieticians are working to make them available.

Community events and outings

  • We have canceled transportation for all group outings that involve being around a large crowd for an extended period. We will still offer grocery trips for now.  Please check the portal, Pathways, and our new information channel 1341 for what we will be providing and what has been canceled.
  • Large groups of performers scheduled to perform at Springmoor have either already canceled or we have canceled. We will still allow individuals such as Elliott Engel, guest pastors for vespers, etc to come to Springmoor and provide their programs as they are individuals and will be screened upon arrival.
  • This applies to both independent living and health center areas.

Hospital visits and escorting residents to the hospital

  • We have suspended all weekly staff hospital visits for now. This is a customer service initiative so residents can interact personally with a staff member to let the resident know we are checking on them and receiving an update on their condition. All updates, for now, will be conducted through other forms of communication such as telephone calls and email.
  • All escorts to the emergency room by a staff member if a family member is not available will continue. However, they will only be doing any required check-in procedures you may need help with and then returning to Springmoor. If you need a ride back to the community we will return upon discharge.


  • As of now, we are not restricting visitations to independent living areas. We will have signs posted at each entrance reminding everyone to please not visit unless necessary and do not enter if you have any respiratory symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, fever, runny nose, or congestion. Please take the precautions very seriously and consider communicating by phone, email, or text if at all possible.
  • We will be screening each person that enters the health center until further notice. The screening process will consist of a series of questions and a form to be filled out by staff members for our record. This visitation policy may change sooner than later as to where no visitors will be allowed unless it is an end of life situation or another critical emergency. However, we feel that is not necessary at this time as there are no active cases but an extra safety precaution.

Thank you for your continued support and confidence you put into us each day. Please know we are taking this very seriously and doing what we feel is best at this time. I am hopeful these new safeguards will help prevent the spread of germs and greatly reduce the likely likelihood of ever having an active case in our community. Please make sure you share this important info with all friends and family members.