Springmoor is

a fun-filled calendar

  • Sep 19
    1:30 pm
    Fused Glass Open Studio

    Bowls, vases, trays, jewelry, night lights, and ornaments – there are many projects to create! You choose in the open studio event with Linda Martin.

    North Village Meraki Arts Studio

    Reservations are requested by Monday, September 17

  • Sep 20
    10:45 am
    Day Trip to Sanford

    Mrs. Lacy’s Magnolia House and Temple Theatre

    Mrs. Lacy’s Magnolia House is a quaint tea room located in Sanford. A lovely, one hundred year old Victorian home, owned by Faye Schulz, was transformed into a tea room in December, 1995. We will enjoy an elegant lunch in one of our favorite places before going to the theatre.

    1776: The Musical

    Witness the birth of a nation as our forefathers struggle to craft the Declaration of Independence. The seminal event in American history blazes to vivid life in this most unconventional of Broadway hits. 1776 puts a human face on the pages of history as we see the men behind the national icons: proud, frightened, uncertain, irritable, charming, often petty and ultimately noble figures, determined to do the right thing for a fledgling nation.

    It’s the summer of 1776, and the nation is ready to declare independence… if only our founding fathers can agree to do it! 1776 follows John Adams of Massachusetts, Benjamin Franklin of Pennsylvania and Thomas Jefferson of Virginia as they attempt to convince the members of the Second Continental Congress to vote for independence from the shackles of the British monarchy by signing the Declaration of Independence.

    Reservations for lunch and the theatre are requested by Friday, August 30 at 9am


  • Sep 20
    7:15 pm
    Springmoor Presets…The Hall Sisters

    Whether it’s a wistful journey through the songs of yesteryear or a toe-tapping trip on the gospel train, the music of the Hall Sisters is classy, vivacious, and full of smiles.

    These four beautiful young sisters radiate old-school elegance, showcasing stunning harmonies, piano and strings. North Carolina natives, they are exceptional performers!

    Jessica, the eldest, plays piano, sings a rich alto, and arranges for the group. She also coaches the close, advanced harmonies to perfection. Valerie, the playful youngest sister, contributes the top and bottom of the tonal spectrum: first soprano and cello. The two middle sisters, Natalie and Lydia, echo their place in the sibling order by filling in the musical middle: Natalie—a gentle soul with exceptional natural beauty— plays violin and sings second soprano, while the vibrant Lydia sings a gutsy alto and plays viola.

    With appearances at the Grand Ole Opry House, the National Quartet Convention, and even Carnegie Hall, the Hall Sisters are an example of what practice and passion can deliver. Music has always been at the center of the Hall household, and their performances showcase that variety of sounds and styles.

    Whatever your artistic tastes, the Hall Sisters will sing and smile their way into your heart.

    North Village Auditorium

  • Sep 21
    10:00 am
    OLLI at NC State

    Marian Anderson – My Lord What a Morning

    In 1939, a “whites only” policy denied celebrated contralto Marian Anderson a chance to perform at Constitution Hall in Washington, DC. An intense, bitter, and often confused nationwide debate followed, which ultimately led to Anderson performing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. This lecture will recount how plans for the concert were developed and how agreement from federal officials and civil rights leaders was secured. It will also include Anderson’s later comments concerning her thoughts and feelings before and during the concert. The lecture will conclude with a discussion of subsequent events that are part of the national legacy of Anderson’s now historic concert.

    Recommended: Marian Anderson’s autobiography My Lord, What a Morning.

    Instructor: John Matthews; BS, Adelphi University; PhD, Psychology, Duke University; taught and studied 20th Century American History. Associate of both the Marshall Foundation and The Roosevelt Institute. In cooperation with Steve Ambrose, John has conducted oral history interviews with D-Day participants and members of the French resistance.

    The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at NC State provides non-credit short courses, study trips, and special events for adults aged 50+. Topics are wide-ranging in the liberal arts and sciences, and we emphasize learning for the joy of learning. Programs range from one-time lectures to six-week courses, and we provide many opportunities to connect with others who share your interests. Most of our courses are held at the easily-accessible McKimmon Conference & Training Center.

    Reservations are requested for transportation by Wednesday, September 19. You must also register for the OLLI class: ncsu.edu/olli


  • Sep 23
    1:30 pm
    Fused Glass Workshop

    Linda Martin joins us for a Fused Glass Workshop for new participants. Join us to find your hidden creative talents! We will make a 5″ x 5″ mosaic dish.

    Meraki Arts Studio, North Village

    Reservations are requested by Wednesday, September 19 at 9am

  • Sep 24
    2:30 pm
    Tasting Event

    Healthy Easy Meals Tasting Event

    Try something new, get recipe cards to take home and enter a drawing for great prizes!

    Whole Foods Gift Card for $50

    Two Premium Entrees at a Table for Two in the North or South Dining Room

    Sign-ups will be in The North Village Grill and South Village Bistro.

    North Village Dining Room. Sponsored by Sodexo.

  • Sep 24
    7:15 pm
    Springmoor Presents…Detecting Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

    Sir Authur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes, led a fascinating life which rivals the suspense and surprises found in his detective fiction. In March 1886, Conan Doyle started writing the novel which catapulted him to fame. At first it was named A Tangled Skein and the two main characters were called Sheridan Hope and Ormond Sacker. Two years later this novel was published in Beeton’s Christmas Annual, under the title A Study in Scarlet which introduced us to the immortal Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

    Dr. Elliot Engel, with an infectious enthusiasm and radiant wit, is celebrated for creating imaginative and delightful presentations, providing new insights into the backgrounds, lives, and accomplishments of many of the great masters of literature, culture and fine arts. Originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, Dr. Engel now lives in Raleigh, where he has taught at the University of North Carolina, North Carolina State University, and Duke University.

    Active Aging Week presentation – North Village Auditorium

  • Sep 25
    8:30 am
    Aloha Safari Zoo

    Aloha Safari is a fascinating zoo located in Cameron, North Carolina.

    Lee Crutchfield is on a mission to rescue animals in need. He currently holds a license for up to 500 animals, although Aloha Safari Zoo tops out at about 450. Lee works non-stop to provide animals a refuge where they can peacefully live out the remainder of their lives. Animals of various species, many of which are exotic, have found a sanctuary in an educational zoo that Crutchfield, his family and a small team of dedicated individuals have labored to create. The zoo is over 60-acres and opened to the public January 2010.

    One of the animals’ favorite enrichment activities is painting! They have given them non-toxic, water based tempera paint, a canvas, and let them have fun.

    We will stop for lunch at Lucky 32 Southern Kitchen on our way home.

    Reservations are requested by Thursday, September 20 at 9am

  • Sep 25
    7:15 pm
    Springmoor Presents…The Little German Band and Dancers

    The Little German Band and Dancers perform music and dances from the Bavaria region of Germany. The Band and Dancers bring a lively brand of German music and dancing!

    The band was formed in 1971 by Dr. James Hammerle of North Carolina State University. Jim was sitting in the bar of the NCSU Faculty Club and told his friend Henry Bowen that someday he’d like to run a German band. Soon after, Jim left for six months in India. When he returned, Henry handed him a list of interested musicians. Jim chuckled and was about to file the list away in a drawer when Henry said “and you’d better start scheduling practices, because you’re booked to play at the Faculty Club in a month!”

    The Schuhplattler dance group was formed four years later to let the spouses of band members in on the fun. In the early years, many members performed in both groups.  Members were primarily faculty and staff at NC State University.

    Today, there are about 100 active members in our organization, from all walks of life and all ages. In addition to standard band instruments, they perform with alphorns, Bavarian cow bells, and a glockenspiel.

    North Village Auditorium

  • Sep 26
    10:15 am
    Tiny House Sachets

    Perfect for scenting dresser drawers, these lavender sachet are cute and functional. We will be using felt and pattern fabric and then sewing them together. You can learn how to use our sewing machines or hand sew. No prior experience sewing is needed.

    Join Gretchen Phillips in the Meraki Arts Studio of another creative class.

    Reservations are requested by Friday, September 21