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Springmoor Wins Midtown Magazine’s Diamond Award for Best Retirement Living in Raleigh

The votes are in, and readers of Midtown Magazine have chosen Springmoor as the winner of the 2020 bronze-level Diamond Award for Best Retirement Living! As you can read in the January/February 2020 issue (page 90-91), people from all around North Carolina’s capital city agree that Springmoor is one of the finest options for retirement living in Raleigh.

“It’s a tremendous honor that so many people see us as one of the top three places to retire around here,” said Beth Holden, Springmoor’s Director of Sales and Marketing. “This is becoming such a popular place to live and to retire, and people have a lot of choices. We’re fortunate that people throughout the Raleigh area think of Springmoor as an ideal option for their retirement years.”

What’s behind the award: Trust

A retirement community in Raleigh doesn’t win a Diamond Award by chance. It must establish trust and a positive reputation throughout the region for it to earn readers’ votes. In our case, Springmoor has been trusted for retirement living in Raleigh for 35 years.

For example, we’re home to dozens of people who have followed in their parents’ footsteps by choosing to call Springmoor home.

Sally Neal saw firsthand the positive experience and stellar quality of life that her mother enjoyed here, which led Sally and her husband to make Springmoor their home—even among many other suitable options.

“We looked at retirement communities in North Carolina and Florida, but none compared to Springmoor,” Sally shared when she told her own story.

Marlene Lambeth is another second-generation member of our community. She initially discovered Springmoor through her pipe organ teacher, one of our many musically inclined neighbors. And when her mother decided to leave Florida to move closer to Marlene, Marlene recommended that she put Springmoor on the list.

Her mother chose Springmoor, where Marlene visited regularly, volunteering to play piano at community events and getting to know many of her mother’s friends and neighbors. She also enjoyed great peace of mind in knowing her mother’s needs would be met. With all that in mind, Springmoor earned Marlene’s trust.

So, when it came time to choose where she and her husband would take their next step, they already knew the place: Springmoor.

“There really wasn’t a decision to be made,” Marlene explained.

An active community that’s part of the greater community

Another part of what garnered Springmoor votes for this year’s Diamond Award was the reputation it has around Raleigh as a community full of energy. Here, you’ll find inspiring neighbors throughout—and beyond—the campus borders.

Locals have simply come to know Springmoor through how engaged its members are throughout the Raleigh region. And people living at Springmoor find themselves just as active as they were before moving in, if not more so! That’s why you’ve probably seen members of our community out and about in this “new southern” town.

You may have heard people talking about Springmoor at your favorite Raleigh restaurant, your church or at one of the city’s wide array of community events. And people know our residents also by the impact they make far beyond the 43-acre Springmoor campus.

Whether it’s the efforts of residents like Raleigh Hall of Famer Marjorie O’Rorke or the community’s very own Meals on Wheels ace Judy Allen, Springmoor residents make a difference in the greater Raleigh area. And they can do so thanks to Springmoor’s time-saving hassle-free lifestyle and opportunities for involvement presented to everyone.

A top choice in a top retirement destination

It’s no secret that Raleigh is one of the hottest destinations for retirement. The city offers southern style with modern energy along with great attractions, arts, culture and climate. Raleigh consistently ranks in the top 50 of all U.S. retirement destinations, and North Carolina ranks in the top five states to retire to in 2020.

As more individuals and couples are retreating to Raleigh for retirement, the area becomes increasingly competitive among retirement living providers—which makes Springmoor’s Diamond Award sparkle even more.

Of course, an article and an award can only say so much. That’s why we would love to share all that Springmoor has to offer. You’ll learn about how we welcome everyone and why living here can be your steppingstone to an amazing retirement lifestyle.

To get in touch about making Springmoor home, simply click here or call 919-848-7080 today. We can’t wait to welcome you!



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