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What? Me Move to Springmoor Now?

This week the Springmoor Residents offer their advice to Prospective Residents in Part II of our When to Move stories.
Have you thought: Oh sure, I know one day I may need to move to one of those retirement homes. But now? Why would I want to do that now?

Barbara and Fred McGehee moved to Springmoor in 2014

Barbara and Fred McGehee moved to Springmoor in 2014

Happy Place

We did not want to move. We were too young. It wasn’t the time. We used every excuse to avoid a move but Springmoor is now our Happy Place.
Everything you go through in a move, we have all done. It is better to come when you can participate in activities, make new friends, settle in physically and emotionally and adjust well to leaving your home. Talk to Springmoor residents. Visit every opportunity you can. Attend programs preparing you to move. Drop-by and walk around the campus often. Visit the various housing options. Begin making Springmoor feel more doable as you begin the process.
When you do come…PARTICIPATE. Leave the boxes and get involved with the activities. We will love you through the moving-in and settling-in process or we can be your balcony cheerleaders from a distance. Everyone is very helpful, kind and generous with welcoming words. The staff is amazing. They can answer any questions and help with getting settled in your new home. They are all here to help! (Barbara and Fred McGehee, Springmoor residents since 2014)

Peg Bedini moved to Springmoor in 2014

Peg Bedini moved to Springmoor in 2014

By My Choice

I came at the age of 76. I wanted to come to a retirement community by my choice rather than be in an emergency situation and have a choice made for me that I would not want. I also felt strongly that making the decision myself was a gift to my children and they would not be pushed into making the choice for me.
Since I had visited Springmoor friends so often, I wanted to come while I was able to enjoy all the many advantages we have in the way of programs, trips and activities. We have a great wealth of opportunities from which to choose. I tell my own friends regularly that the time to come is NOW!!!  I still come and go as I always did. I have it easy with good friends, good food prepared for me, a weekly housekeeper, great trips, wonderful entertainment and, best of all, the security of knowing that help is just a phone call away if I should need it. I am even happier today that I made that decision four years ago. (Peg Bedini, Springmoor resident since 2014)

Betty and Blake Aydlett moved to Springmoor in 2013

Betty and Blake Aydlett moved to Springmoor in 2013

Best Advice

Listening to our friends who had made the retirement choice before us was an important part of our decision making. Moving to Springmoor while we could do it as a couple, was the best advice I received. It allowed us to be known in the community as a couple. When one of us is no longer here, neighbors will remember the one we grieve for and that helps in the grief process.
Moving sooner also ensures that we make our own choice. Whether it was a house, villa or an apartment, we were able to choose the one we liked and best met our needs. We were not driven by health, physical or cognitive abilities to have to make a hasty choice.
Moving sooner rather that later allowed for more active involvement and enjoyment of planned programs and eased the transition from one home to another. (Betty and Blake Aydlett, Springmoor residents since 2013)

Margaret Burch moved to Springmoor in 2016

Margaret Burch moved to Springmoor in 2016

Life is Richer

My daughter asked me recently to tell her about a typical day here at Springmoor. I told her that I was happy to report that my typical day could be anything I want it to be, which is very enticing! I do have choices to get in my car and go shopping, visit other friends around Raleigh and elsewhere, go on a trip to the islands or Europe, or the beach; all the things I have done before arriving here. Your previous life does not need to stop because you have moved into a retirement community. In addition, I can also choose from a wealth of activities offered by Springmoor – day trips around the city and state, lunches or dinners in Raleigh area, concerts or lectures in our auditorium, church services, counseling, movies, exercise classes, playing bridge, attending art classes, going to the library, reading and on and on. Or, I can stay in my pajamas, eat in my apartment, read, paint, watch TV or work on my computer. There are no rules or agendas I have to follow. Life has become so much richer with the wonderful choices all around me.
Also, the two buildings here in South Village have every thing I need even if I could not get out because of bad weather or some other reason. We have a wonderful dining hall with great food choices and a delightful causal dining option too. Any of the food can be taken to my apartment to enjoy later. I can also go to the Post Office or movie or library right here. If I need to go to North Village, Springmoor transportation is available if I prefer not to walk. All housekeeping, yard work, window washing, hanging pictures or any odd jobs that may be needed can be taken care of by Springmoor. Why would I not love being pampered so well? So many earlier responsibilities and worries have been removed.

Springmoor residents will all tell you to move before you think you are ready.

Springmoor residents will all tell you to move before you think you are ready.

Safe and Secure

Maybe one of the main assets at Springmoor is the interaction with the residents and the staff. Everyone is friendly, caring and genuinely interested in knowing each other. This creates such a good feeling of well-being and of belonging to a special community. In addition, feeling safe and secure is so comforting after living alone as a widow for many years and having concerns about our changing world.
The time to get involved with a retirement community is actually before you need all that they offer. We never know what fate has in store for us health wise. A place like Springmoor is here to provide health care every step of the way and for any type of illness that may befall you. One of my goals was to not put any burden involving my long-term health care on my children. Now they can be involved with me, but also be assured that I am in the best place for any care I may need in the future. If one waits too long to get involved with a retirement community, they could find that there could be a long wait to enjoy these benefits.  (Margaret Burch, Springmoor resident since 2016)

When is it time to move?

Ask a resident at Springmoor and they will all tell you to move before you think you are ready. Everyone has reasons as to why it’s not time to move yet. But for those that have made the decision to move to Springmoor, the overwhelming response is “Why didn’t I do this sooner?” If you would like to find out more about our community, please schedule a tour soon.



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