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Volunteer – Make a Difference Today

Stop Hunger Now volunteers Harriet Ross, Helen Schultz and Kris Lawyer

Stop Hunger Now volunteers Harriet Ross, Helen Schultz and Kris Lawyer

Volunteers across the country came together on Saturday, October 22 to celebrate the Make a Difference Day, the national day of service. For 25 years, this celebration of service’s single purpose has been to improve the lives of others. Are you volunteering in your community or on our campus?
For many Springmoor volunteers that have that reached out to help with The Clothes Closet, The Woman’s Club, The North Carolina Museum of Art, Hospice and other community organizations, we are grateful. For those that help within the community, we are also very appreciative. Today, our residents and employees teamed together to purchase supplies and package 40,000 meals for Stop Hunger Now.
The Springmoor Residents Association, is an active group of volunteers that help with activities and services on our campus. The 18 committees vary in size from a few members to a large numbers of volunteers. Each group is filled with residents that bring about positive changes. They also help complete valued tasks that improve everyone’s life here at Springmoor. Some committee examples are below:

The Archives Committee

They are continually digitizing and compiling photos and biographies of our residents, past and present.  A new software program is helping to organize the site and make it easily available for residents to read our history and short stories about each resident. A section dedicated to media, publicity and activities on campus is also in the works.

The Computer Committee's on campus classroom

The Computer Committee’s on campus classroom

The Computer Committee

This is a dedicated group of computer professionals that help other residents learn about the newest technology and applications for their personal computer devices. There are ongoing classes offered by residents that teach the newest digital offerings.

The Convenience Store requires more than 30 volunteers each month

The Convenience Store requires more than 30 volunteers each month

The Convenience Store

The volunteers that run the store are greatly appreciated, especially when or if you run out of milk and bread! A two to three person team purchases groceries each Saturday and another team helps restock the store shelves weekly. Volunteers are also available to price the items and work during the store hours. This committee needs a group of almost 30 volunteers to keep things running smoothly.

The Endowment Committee

This committee conducts fund-raising campaigns and organizes activities to raise monies for Springmoor’s Endowment Fund.  Some of the fund-raising activities have included furniture and craft sales, Bingo, and silent auctions.  Proceeds from the Endowment Fund are used to help any resident who, through no fault of their own, may need a subsidy during their lifetime at Springmoor.  A Board of Directors who oversees investments and disbursements manages the Fund.

The Food Service Committee helps with all aspects of dining

The Food Service Committee helps with all aspects of dining

The Food Service Committee

This groups meets monthly to discuss resident comments on Food Service and work with Food Service staff to maintain and improve the dining experience for residents at the Springmoor dining venues.  They make suggestions on menu, wait service, and other aspects of food service, including special events such as the two Galas each year, Cookouts, Breakfast Buffets and other Special Occasions.

The Health Care Committee

This wonderful group of volunteers meets monthly to visit with residents and their families in The Stewart Health Center. Their questionnaire helps find out what needs to be improved as well as what is working well. They check for safety, cleanliness, staff accessibility and overall satisfaction with care.  The resident committee wants to be sure that their neighbors or their loved ones are being taken care of in the same manner that they would want for themselves. This group also helps deliver the mail to those residents that are there for a short-stay.

The Library Committee staffs the library during their hours of operation

The Library Committee staffs the library during their hours of operation

The Library Committee

Volunteers staff the library during their hours of operation. They serve as facilitators for book clubs, help purchase new books, deliver books to the Health Center and Supportive Living and plan special events. Next month, they are hosting a book talk with Bland and Ann Simpson, author and illustrator of Little Rivers and Waterway Tales. The group also brings speakers to our Springmoor Presents! event series. The library has arranged a wonderful ongoing Life Writing Workshop with Dr. James Clark, NCSU English Professor Emeritus.

The Resident Life Committee

There are a variety of activities for our residents at Springmoor: a day trip to Seagrove Pottery, a Piano Symposium with Fredrick Moyer or a site seeing tour around the triangle. There are weekend movies, Saturday Music on the Porch, out-to-lunch and out-to-dinner restaurants. The Resident Life Committee is helpful in offering destinations and ideas for the events calendar. Leah Willis, our Resident Life Director, is always happy to hear suggestions from the committee.

The Friendship Committees

Welcome to Springmoor! The Friendship Committees are always the first ones to say hello to new residents. With their weekly move-in list, they welcome each family upon their arrival. Eating dinner with them on their first night, answering their questions and introducing them to new neighbors is all part of their helpful introduction to Springmoor. They will stop by for a visit with a basket of homemade goodies or offer to take you on a tour.  Everyone is always happy to have them knock on their door!
Have you found a place to volunteer your talents? Are you interested in serving on a committee? All of our groups fill vacancies throughout the year and a portion of each committee will rotate off at the end of the year. There is always a need and they all love to have new hands, new ideas and new talents. Kay Bullock, President and Peg Bedini, Vice-President of the Springmoor Residents Association can certainly help you find your spot as a volunteer!
For more information about volunteer activities at Springmoor, call us today at 919-848-7080.



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