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Springmoor Presents…Dr. Elliot Engel

July 17, 2017 - 7:15 pm

Emily Dickinson: A Light and Enlightening Literary Program

Emily Dickinson has been ill-served by many biographers in having so many dubious stories associated with her peculiar life. Dr. Engel separates the facts from the fictions concerning her eccentricities and, more importantly, he dramatically reads aloud and carefully explicates some of her most beautiful poems.

Professor Elliot Engel is quite possibly the most insightful, personable, and entertaining academic lecturer to come out of academia in the last fifty years.

His witty, engaging, speaking style imparts hard, factual information, while leaving his audiences virtually spellbound punctuated by periods of laughter and flashes of insight. Dr. Engel has lectured throughout the United States and on all the continents including Antarctica. For his scholarship and teaching,

Dr. Engel has received North Carolina’s Adult Education Award, North Carolina State’s Alumni Professorship, and the Victorian Society’s Award of Merit.

North Village Auditorium