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Senior Moments Group

March 16, 2018 - 2:00 pm

We are asking residents to join Brenda to see what interest there is in beginning a possible Drama Group. This group would read plays and short skits for fun, possibly act out these skits with the group or even others. This is an opportunity for fun!

At this meeting, we will explore the possibilities and suggestions from you and see where your interests take us. We will quickly recap our first meeting, welcome newcomers to the group, and begin to try something based on suggestions from our first meeting.

Are you qualified to join the group? Do you like to have fun? Are you willing to laugh at yourself since none of us are perfect? Do you have a little “ham” in you that you are willing to try to show others?  Can you understand that this is not to be a professional group?  Are you willing to learn from the “director” and others? If your answer to any, or most, of these questions is YES, then you are qualified to join this group.

North Village Auditorium